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At the Saganami Naval Academy on Gryphon, a younger Honor had utilized numerous in-depth, realistic tactical simulators in her training to be a starship commander, all of which frequently used intricate holographic projections to put one 'in the thick' of combat.

When compared to the Sensoriums of Transmigration 9, however, Saganami Academy was about as cutting edge as a puppet theater.

For a time Honor experimented with it, materializing random objects, calling to mind old locals and places, memories and scenarios: the windswept plains of Gryphon, the cliffs and jungles of Sphinx, the domes of Grayson.

In a fit of nostalgia, she briefly called up the bridge of HMS Troubador that she had so recently from her perspective been snatched, standing in that cramped space of holo-displays and controls as midshipmen and tac officers rushed about.


Then she dismissed it, shaking her head.

"Time to get down to brass tacks." She says to Nimitz, summoning up a perch for him.

The treecat sits there contentedly, blissfully munching on some celery pinched from the gardens.

And Honor buckles down and throws herself into some hardcore combat training. Anyone can wander in and interrupt/train with her/learn from her/teach her.

Insert Power Rock Ballads at your leisure.
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8th-Jun-2012 01:49 pm - Nuke it smarter, not harder [Open]
Outside the Sensorium, a large floating sign proclaimed in large text:


A helpful magic mouth also repeated these words verbally to those who drew close, a necessary sop to potential issues of translation (or literacy). Despite this ungainly addition tio the illusory sign, Aibghalien was pleased with his idea.

Such thoughts had fallen far to the back of his mind, however, as in the Sensorium he had created a fourfold simulated environment. One quadrant, which the door opened onto, consisted of his tower laboratory from his days as a regent, with tables of magical and alchemical apparatuses set up in various states of use or disarray. The next quarter clockwise was a battlefield, with two armies clashing in a seemingly perpetual state of conflict. Continuing around, in the third quadrant, a group of orogs shuffled aimlessly around a dungeon hallway in exactly the manner one would assume orogs would shuffle about while waiting for adventurers to burst in on them in their otherwise empty and joyless 20x20 dungeon room. Finally, in the fourth quadrant stood Aibghalien, dispassionately deploy a mighty gout of fire from his hands into a swarming mass of Kessek.

“Pause,” he said out loud – not necessary, but Aibghalien found it helpful to set deliberate barriers between his general mental thought processes and the commands he intended to give the sensorium. The image froze in the midst of the fire impacting the Kessek armor. Nodding to himself, Aibghalien stepped forward to examine the intersection of attack and defense, analyzing the impact with the intent of improving it.
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Chance had heard some things about the AIs in Stacy's brain, but this was the first time he had been exposed to what Glados actually did to people. Upon being released, Chance found out that he had missed the whole rebellion thing so he was recovering by booting up the sensoriums shooting monsters in a junkyard.

"Man. Too easy. I should up the difficulty..." Torque muttered as he shot monster after monster.
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20th-May-2012 07:06 pm - Excerise is good for you! [Open!]

While Diana was never one for overly exercising, usually doing just enough to keep herself in her wonderful curved shape, she did see that the whole ‘clears your mind’ thing was somewhat accurate. 

And her mind felt very crowded. Plus, she couldn’t argue the disadvantages of being in top physical condition when the ship went to heck for the millionth time.

So, she deck out the sensorium into her own gym. A bit of running, then maybe some swimming with Jinx if she texted her to come over.   

True, by the end of this day she’d most likely be over worked, sore and far too tired, but that almost meant she’d want nothing more than to drift into a dreamless sleep without any weight of past event or futures worries. 

Provisions had recently discovered the wonders of sky dancing and so spent him time diving and twirling in the air high above Diana’s head, apart from when she was shooting, then he would peck at the ground near her feet to avoid the possibility of stray bullets.

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Mark had booted up the the sensoriums quickly and quietly as he didn't really want people to bother him. He finally thought things were going right for a change: he had some control over his powers and he got stronger by being in the tournament. The downside was that he wasn't strong enough it seemed. That Cole guy took him down, so he wasn't in the best of moods. More sad than angry however...

An image of a fighter's ring shown on the floor, very similar to his first fight against the summoner guy. Would someone come and bother him?
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Even with a rebellion looming and everything it entails - planning and plotting, information gathering, getting the new crew up to speed - things on Stacy continue as normal for now. They have to, until everything is set. People still go about their day to day tasks, the departments continue to do their work, and those who fight still continue to train...including the Rangers.

As of late, however, Jamie has been finding himself, well, a wee bit bored with the standard training sessions. There's only so often that they can run through the usual practices without it all becoming a little too monotonous and the sessions blurring together. What they needed was a good fight, with maybe a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. And after thinking it over for some time, Jamie thinks he may have an idea that might just work to make things more interesting.

He starts with sending a message at a time slightly different than when training usually takes place, asking them to meet in the Sensoriums. Oh, he knows it means he may not get all the Rangers, not if they've other tasks to do. But even if he doesn't, fighting in smaller groups is still good practice. And, well...large groups might not work, given the setting he has in mind. After the message is sent, he steps inside, and the empty Sensorium he's chosen flickers, switching from a blank room to a large, old growth forest. It's peaceful, and relatively quiet, with the usual forest sounds one would expect in such a place. He doesn't morph, though, not yet. That can wait for everyone else to arrive. Instead, he settles in under a tree and leans against it, enjoying the peaceful part of things while he can.

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8th-Apr-2012 08:01 am - Memories of times past - [Open]
If one were to enter one of the Sensoriums today, they may walk in on a surprising sight. They will come across a wide room, with a ring-like device at the end, a stain-glass window behind it, depicting a night's sky. To those who know it, this device is a Stargate.

The room is the embarkation room of the lost City of the Ancients; Atlantis. It's staircases leading up to the control room, and to a balcony looking out over the oceans. It's on this balcony that one may see a figure leaning on a railing, staring out to sea, the simulated breeze blowing in his hair.

This figure is Dr. Carson Beckett, and the man seems a bit down as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Dare you disturb the peaceful tranquility of this scene?
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5th-Apr-2012 11:10 pm - Denial? Just a little bit.
Who: Kaya, open to all.
Where: Sensoriums
Summary: Ed not remembering her is sort of the last straw, so she's getting her aggressions out.
Warnings: Um. Are there any? TBA, I guess?

Azula had called it denial, and Kaya thought she was wrong. )
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It's a beautiful day for soaring in the sky. At's a beautiful simulated day, Cedric corrects himself. He stands in the center of a grassy field, hoops standing tall on either side. Racing brooms that will soon take to the sky with their riders are laid out in neat rows on either side of him, and a case containing the many balls of Quidditch rests at his feet.

He's exchanged the loose-fitted clothing he'd taken up after his injuries for loose-fitting yellow and black robes, and even that small change brightens his mood. Cedric Diggory is in his element. His cheerful, dangerous whirlwind of an element, the finest sport the wizarding world has to offer.

This should be a fun one to watch!

((And go! Use the subthreads, or start your own threads to chat and trash-talk and have a good time! Threadjacking is totally encouraged.))
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24th-Mar-2012 08:54 am - Gun Play [Closed]
Who: Diana and Hit Girl
Where: Sensoriums
Summary: Hit Girl teaches Diana the finer points of hurting someone.
Warnings: Flirtation and violence (on imaginary people).

It was a chore, but one that needed doing. )
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13th-Mar-2012 12:12 pm - Work of art [Closed]
Tarrant stepped into what appeared to be a room of endless white with a single circular artifact in its center and wondered who had chosen this particular setting. Perhaps someone who enjoyed having their retinas seared for hours at a time. The light was irritation itself, but at least it was also illusory.

The Tapestry itself was not illusory... but it didn't exactly look like a tapestry, either. So this device was to be their guide, was it?

He reached out to touch the fae in the room, invisible violet filaments that (for him, anyway), provided at least some respite from the relentless, mundane white. Its tendrils ran heedlessly throughout the room -- naturally attracted to living warmth, though there was currently none in the vicinity. He'd wait until Ildraniath arrived for any real analysis, of course, but for now he reached out experimentally, contacting the surface of the Tapestry with a basic Knowing. What was its purpose? What was it designed for? Was it alive?

Unless it was well-shielded, the fae would grant him his answers.
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2nd-Mar-2012 07:56 am - Shipmaster's thoughts [Open]
Who: Open
Where:Sensoriums (Replica bridge of the Shadow of Intent)
Summary: 'Vadum takes time away from the Quarter and ponders the situation aboard the ship at large.

Read more... )
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24th-Feb-2012 09:10 pm - Musing of a Psychic
Even though Sabrina seldom used the Sensoriums, she knew for her sake and her Pokemon that Sabrina should see if the site atrracted anyone besides her. She didn't get angry often, but what 'Tyrant' had said to got under her skin. She was Sabrina, one of Kanto's Gym Leaders and a simple nobody caused her to feel this way! She was no warrior or fighter but she knew her own skills helped the crew in her own small way. The image of Saffron Gym stood in the background as she stood nearby the entrance, undamaged unlike the one that stood in the city.
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People dealt with things in different ways. In Mindy's case, she had continued severing people in the cafe. The hours were rough, her sleep patterns shifted, and she had told herself to take it easy after the ejecting from the Sensoriums by Overlord Zetta. Much like a bartender though, working in the kitchens meant hearing people's conversations, and that led to the topic most people were talking about: the Daligig, the former crew and the inevitable fight for the ship. This wasn't just gossip: it was legit information, and while she could skim over Howard's really long summary, it was Allenby's that hit home. Sure, she had that dumb phobia about tech that was irritating, but she was truthful.

And that meant training time had to happen. NOW.

She didn't waste any time either. Quick to the Sensoriums, Hit Girl costume on and the simulation began ten minutes after intense push ups, stretching and a little running.

She learned something in the past few weeks: the only way to really train yourself was to push, and that push had to keep going and going and make you better. So now she was back again against the Daleks, testing her ability to dodge and run and make things fall on them. Then came that duel with Aqua, where she got much, MUCH better with a blade. Then she was back to attacking SAINTS and the hark robots, making sure there were twice as many.

But the grand finale? Shadow Zetta, unstoppable, merciless, and constantly coming at her. Even in the aftermath of broken robots and a beaten Aqua, she couldn't come close to landing a hit on shadow Zetta that mattered. Yet here she was, going at it again and again, and somehow, the audience were smug looking members of the Daligig, looking like Ceasars at a lion feeding.
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The two women had waited until a good number of people had gathered in the sensorium next to where the Tapestry was kept. Sakura glanced toward Howard, wanting a visual reassurance that he was there with a recording device. He was someone she could count on for the paranoid sensibilities that she sometimes put aside in favor of other practicalities. With everyone gathered, they turned toward each other, and the sensorium came alive.
Such a sight as we have seen... )... leaving everyone standing in the sensorium's blank interface as the mental replay shut down.

[ ooc: Feel free to make your own threads and discuss as your characters are want to do! You are absolutely not required to respond to either Barbara or Sakura's question threads. That is optional! ]
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12th-Feb-2012 08:57 pm - At last, the open sky [Open]
There's a forest setting in the Sensoriums today, made of thick deciduous trees, high rocks, and bits of ruined stone buildings. It's autumn, and though the trees haven't yet lost all their leaves, many already litter the ground, making stealthy movement near-impossible.

There's a row of paintball rifles spread out near the entrance to the Sensoriums.


[Open to all, have fun! CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES. Threadjacking is A-OK]
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12th-Feb-2012 06:31 pm - Weaver [Open]
Who: Miku and Whomever
Where: The Sensoriums, inside her Brainplace
What: Miku thinks about frustrations and useless things.

She just liked working with her hands. )
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11th-Feb-2012 04:10 pm - Target Practice [OPEN]
Who: General Trudy and YOU!
Where: Sensoriums, Earth c22nd century, US Marine outdoor firing range at Quantico, VA
Summary: High-powered automatic rifles. Shooting things is good for the blood pressure.
Warnings: Language, knowing Trudy

Trudy wasn't a terrible shot, but she was far from a Hawkeye candidate... )
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10th-Feb-2012 10:35 pm - cats don't belong in dressing rooms
Who: Collab post between Cazali and Uva; otherwise, open!
Where: Around the sensoriums.
Summary: Cazali's trying to trick his body in to taking his core medals in the sensorium, while Uva stands "guard" outside the door in Greeed form. Both are pretty pathetic about it.
Warnings: Dumb and Dumber here may try to yummy anyone who makes themselves too available; if you don't want them to, just say so!

Greeed are totally threatening villains, really you guys )
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9th-Feb-2012 06:32 pm - Demonstrative healing [semi-open]
Who: Closed to Faiza initially, open to others after that.
Where: Sensoriums
Summary: Bight has an appointment with Faiza to demonstrate his abilities on the healing side of things. Afterwards he may hang around for any who wish to bother him.
Warnings: Potential sensorium simulated injuries, otherwise none.

Read more... )

(Ooc: Feel free to bother him after after his meeting with Faiza)
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