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25th-May-2012 05:29 pm - Sometimes you lose too much [Open]
Something about the river kept drawing Morgan back.

Which was odd, since he'd never considered himself to have any particular affinity to water before coming to the ship. Sure, he'd trained in it, and enjoyed swimming, but he hadn't considered his pool or a beach to be any sort of 'quiet spot' or meditative spot for himself. Then again, lacking access to his mentor's dojo, or his own personal retreats of choice, maybe he shouldn't be so surprised that he'd found a new one.

Work kept him busy, with Medical low on staff and so much to do from the rebellion. Fake as it might be, he still found himself putting in long hours and lots of effort to keep things going.

Still, sometimes... especially when you got the worst of news, you had to take a break. And you couldn't be strong forever.

Morgan sat at the edge of the river, staring into the currents, and let himself quietly cry.
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27th-Mar-2012 01:28 pm - Fish on! [Open]
The Kohaku River ran diagonally through most of the City, past Central Park, winding its way between Castle Wyvern and the Bathhouse and Awesome World, and finally ending somewhere in Escherville. Its pristine waters would therefore be an excellent vehicle through which to introduce a convenient new source of protein.

Or so Tarrant reasoned when he began the project. Now, about a third of the way through, the fry he'd introduced into the river earlier (or at least the ones that survived notice by the native carp) were growing rapidly, establishing themselves and their territories.

[The river is open for fishing! The fish species Tarrant is aiming for are the following:
  • ayu/sweetfish
  • trout
  • bass
  • catfish
  • whiting
  • croaker
  • freshwater eel
  • minnows and an assortment of small prey fish
They are not all exactly like their Earth analogues, and some may come from alien fish species with unusual colors, fin shapes, habits, or other physical attributes. With every successive generation, however, they will become more and more like their target species in behavior and appearance, barring a few changes to make them better adapted for life in this particular habitat.

Feel free to mess around in the river, fish, or bug Tarrant.]
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27th-Feb-2012 08:10 am - [Open]
Where: Anywhere in the city, or down by the river.
Summary: Thoughtful wanderings of a great wyrm bronze dragon.

Much had happened the past month or so, from Linsha's repodding to the battle of Nirsat and the revelation of his true identity to the crew at large, the attack on the ship and then subsequent step down from the council itself to a more advisory position. One that at the very least continued to allow him to utilize his vast knowledge and skills to aid the council and crew. Nevertheless he had much to think on from such things, thus in his true form he wandered the streets, exploring the city as he went.

The path of his exploration leading him out away then looping back around, then back towards the river in which he usually swam surveying the damage that had been wrought on the city from the constructs that had laid siege to it, his path only deviating to give the Drunken dragon wide birth. It wasn't too long before his massive strides found him back by the river, setting himself down by the bank as he thought.

(OOC: feel free to come across Crucible/Bight at any point in his wanderings, or down by the river)
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Tobias didn't usually morph human. It made him feel too heavy, too clumsy, and above all far too blind. But he did it once in a long while. Like today. He was wandering along the edge of the lazy river that had been cut into the soil of the City, hands clasped behind his head. He wasn't dressed in much; what looked like bike shorts and an awkwardly tight t-shirt. His feet bare and digging into the soil and grass of the shoreline.

He didn't do this often, but sometimes it was good to stretch your legs as much as your wings, to remember what it felt like to have thumbs and lips and fingers. It also helped to collect his thoughts in a way that flight didn't. What was he doing here? The amazing Birdboy, more bird than boy now. The entire enterprise felt strange to him. He couldn't be of much help, he felt, what with being stuck (was he really stuck) as a bird except for two hour chunks of time. But the others were here and that helped assure him that he could be useful, even if it was only helping them.

As things stand, other crew members might be interested in this strange boy that's arrived in their midst. That had been one of his big objections to it: people finding out he could morph. So he'd gotten a bunch of dumb fake names from Marco and settled on a pseudonym eventually. Let them believe he'd come aboard in the last pop.

The boy stooped to pick up a rock and turned it over in his fingers, feeling the warm stone in his palm before hurling it out into the river. He had an hour or so left. He'd take his time for now.
Hiccup had seen the dragon when they were fighting the Ohm, but assumed from not having seen it elsewhere that it was simply one of the forms one of the people on the crew could assume. And in the end, if the dragon had intended harm, by now they probably would know, and he trusted Kang and Bight on it being relatively harmless. (Or at least as harmless as those others that could do great harm but chose not to were).

In any case, he did want some answers for himself. How could a dragon just suddenly appear in the city when supposedly, it had been vented at one point? How could it be one of the crew if no one had seen it podpop?

A more important question, though, was whether he'd get the dragon upset by asking questions.

I guess I'll find that one out the hard way.

He had initially thought about bringing Toothless along but decided against it. Some dragons could get territorial and that might only get this one's hackles raised. Not that dragons had hackles.

Now he only had to find the thing. It probably wouldn't be that difficult, though, given how big it was.

"Uh, hello? Your largeness, you here?" he called across the river front.
1st-Nov-2011 04:58 pm
Inventing a new spell; a most tricky and daunting proposition. Beyond most wizards. Lupin flattered himself by thinking he had a chance, but if pressed, well, he had helped with the Marauder's Map, had he not? He knew a thing or two about Defense Against the Dark Arts, and this was not dissimilar.

Besides, what did it hurt to try? (Besides the very real chance of an injurious backfire.)

Lupin came to the City, seeking out a place by the river where he (probably wrongly) thought no one would venture close enough to be harmed by his experimentation. Once there, he sat down on the grass without much regards for his dignity, and began writing on the book he had liberated for such a purpose.

"Protego Minutiae," he began, writing the words down as he spoke them.
7th-Aug-2011 03:18 pm - Training, in various ways...
After a few days -- weeks -- however long he'd been here, Morgan had finally settled into what he considered to be an adequate training regimen, for those times when he wasn't needed in Medical.

As a general rule, he began his day in the Sensorium, shaping it in the image of the mountaintop dojo he favored. One lone building atop a peak in the midst of a mountain range, lacking walls so the cool, thin air could drift through as he ran through forms and katas. A path wound its way around the peaks, and the frigid springs that formed small lakes and streams that poured off the edges in grand waterfalls. Next to this path ran a series of poles on which he ran, or jumped, when his regimen called for that sort of exercise.

Training in a simulated environment like this was old hat.

After he finished there, it was off to the river, where he (with some effort) persuaded his plantsuit to retract till it resembled closer to a bathing suit than anything. For what felt, at least, like an hour or two, the Akashic stood motionless in the river, submerged up to his neck. Legs spread, arms out, and hair streaming behind him in the current, he meditated. Harmony and moving in tune with the universe were key to his philosophy, after all. The currents, the flow of water around his fingers and limbs, and the silence were magnificent for that sort of understanding.

Then, off to the W.I.T.C.H. bus! Since Kaya had so kindly allowed him use of its training facilities, he made good use of that offer. This section of his training he devoted to melee weapons -- primarily his sword, of course, but he allotted time for other swords, staffs, daggers and knives, and tonfa as well.

And last, perhaps the oddest of all training exercises if one didn't know that to the mind of an Akashic, all things are martial arts: Morgan returned to the sensorium, not to fight or exercise or run, but to play. Electric guitar in hand, voice lifted in defiance of his one-held belief that he simply sounded terrible, and whatever backing was necessary conjured by environment, he rocked out, mixing up from simple guitar covers to lead guitar and vocals in full songs.

That lasted until he was exhausted, satisfied, or -- admittedly -- hit hard enough by nostalgia that continuing became prohibitive. Then it was time to clean up, relax, and see what else he had to do.
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8th-Jun-2011 09:49 am - Relaxation... [Open]
It had been quite awhile since Sasami's little game session with Reimi and while she did have a blast playing with her, she did feel embarrassed. She shouldn't of started crying over having that much fun. Wasn't that what Reimi, Aqua and Hoshi were saying? That she should have more fun, to be a kid before she loses that chance?

It was probably why, at the moment, Sasami had parked herself by the Kohaku River after switching out of the clothes she got from Rein - not wanting them to get dirty. Now sporting a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts, she had dipped her bare feet in the water, then sat down and laid back, letting the feeling make her relax.

She let herself get lost in her thoughts, wanting to enjoy the fun she had even more but wonder where all her training could fit in. Maybe she didn't need to train anymore, or at the very least not as hard or intently.

She closed her eyes as she continued thinking, unaware of anyone who might sneak up on her.
3rd-May-2011 09:57 pm - Returning from Obscurity [Open]
Arhu was almost surprised to find himself back in Stacy proper. He almost hadn't thought that he'd make it - almost, because he was nothing if not confident in his own abilities. His memory of where he'd been was...muddled on the details, but he thought he remembered being told to jump through flashing orange and blue circles and a frustrated voice when he'd merely circumvented the laws of gravity instead. Besides, it wasn't like he could properly hold that sort of machine anyway.

Released from wherever-he'd-been, he went tumbling to the grass beside a river, and it took him a moment to remember where he was and what the river was. This was the river that belonged to that Power, the gigantic one that had been friends with Rhiow. Well, as close to friends as a Power could get.

A whisper in the back of his mind reminded him that Powers could get a lot closer than merely friends. He flicked his tail dismissively, because that wasn't important right now, and he was hungry. It was probably rather fortunate that he'd been dumped right beside a river that was well-stocked with fish, now wasn't it?

Settling himself at the river's edge, he asked permission- "Of your courtesy, may I hunt in your domain?" - and then watched for fish. Tasty, tasty fish.
16th-Mar-2011 11:27 am - Down by the River [Open]
Mai, as always, was short of something interesting to do. The Sensoriums just made her miss her own home more than she thought she ought to and as much as she loved Zuko, spending all of her time around him was a bit much. Even for her. She needed space occasionally. Not that she would've minded his company right now. She'd been wandering around the city for a few hours, even dropped by to say hi to Sokka. So many buildings, all dead and empty. It was depressing. Well, it would have been depressing if she cared all that much. Instead, she'd regarded them as curiosities - empty artifacts without meaning or emotional investment. Like objects in a museum.

Her bored wandering had taken her back down to the river after as the hours passed, the sky overhead turned to night and back to day. That was weird. So she settled on the bank, idly skipping stones across the surface. Almost as good as knife-throwing and it gave her a bit of entertainment. Ah, life on Stacy. So full of intrigue.
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