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Hououji Fuu ([personal profile] monster_san) wrote in [community profile] trans_92012-06-17 11:25 pm

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Who: Fuu and OPEN
Where: The Chalk Drawings. Specifically the Thames.
Summary: Fuu stumbles into some pavement art.
Warnings: Cockney accents None!

Fuu hadn't been expecting to have an adventure today. She had gone exploring in the Beta Section just to see more of the ship, although she supposed she should have expected an adventure to come of that considering all the strange things that happened aboard Stacy.

When she found the wonderful chalked mural on a sidewalk, she took care not to step on any of the drawings; they were far too beautiful to think of smudging them. It was so nice to see that splash of color, a reminder of the time she'd spent drawing on the steps at home with Kuu. None of their work had been anything so artistic as this, though.

She found herself tipping a little as she crouched to inspect them more closely and threw out a hand to catch herself before she could think--but she needn't have worried about ruining the drawing. She fell right into it with a gasp of shock, clutching her glasses and yet thinking this is a familiar situation.

When she stopped shrinking, she looked up and saw just a beautiful blue sky with fluffy clouds and a shimmering river nearby. Not, as she had hoped, a clear way back. "Oh dear."

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