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"I've yet to determine whether combat ships from my...universe are in the ship's hanger bay." Honor replies. "I'll be sure to look for them, as well as any Missile Pods and recon drones that might be there."

Taking up the role of a Tac Witch might be a step down from commanding the Sidemore 84th Taskforce and the Protector's Fleet...but if it's what's needed, then she can hardly say no. At least she won't be fighting Peeps this time around.

Meanwhile, her ears perk in curiosity. "The Macross Quarter? I presume that's the flagship of Starfighter Command? What are it's specs? For that matter, is there a catalog for looking up the types of ships available in the hanger bay?"

Nimitz's ears literally perk at your polite introduction, and he inclines his head.

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