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Losing Them In Pieces [Open]

Who: Jamie and open!
Where: The Brig, unless someone drags him out from it.
Summary: A reaction to Billy's repodding and Zetta's subsequent announcement.
Warnings: General unhappiness warnings. Possibly a bit of sulking and a reluctance to do things.

Zetta's announcement had infuriated Jamie, and for a few moments he had forgotten it was supposed to be an act. All he wanted to do was get out of his cell, hunt down that overgrown piece of parchment and find out how hard it would be to punch a book in what served for its face. But the anger soon faded as the reality set in. Another teammate, gone. Only this time it was someone he had grown to care for like the members of his clan - like a brother. It wasn't a mistake or a joke. Maybe it wasn't as permanent as Punchy's death, but in some ways it hurt even worse.

And...maybe Zetta had been right, act or no act. What was to stop the Daligig from repodding the rest of the rebels or even the crew entirely? Yes, they'd lose the investment they had in the crew, and have to start all over again, but they'd have the time to adjust the systems, undo the changes that had already been done and start over with a group that had no idea what was going on. Or what if they decided a more effective tack would be to pod the rest of those who the rebels cared for? What if they repodded the Doctor? Or Victoria? He couldn't bear the thought of losing her, too, not now. Not again.

A wave of listlessness rolled over him, and he slid down the wall to sit heavily on the floor. His eyes found a random spot, and he stared at it despondently, too caught up in the downward spiral of his thoughts to actually see it. Why should they even bother trying to fight? Was it even worth it anymore?

"Och, what's the use?"
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She'd be caught eventually, and really, once she knew Billy was caught it had been easy to catch her. She had been moving around the ship as much as she could to avoid getting caught, to help aid people in what they were doing against the Daligig. After Billy being podded, she couldn't bring herself to really do anything. Everything felt like pain, the reminder of what she lost unbearable, and so security found her and brought her here.

Kaya stared ahead, quietly, saying nothing. She managed to give Jamie a wave, but that was all she could do.
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"I remember," she said immediately, and then her tone softened. "It's been a few years since I've been here, but the longer you stay, the more it all starts to come back to you."

The uselessness, the feeling of being cooped up. These were things that Kaya had to struggle with the last time she was here, and she had not been looking forward to that. But with Billy podded this feeling was replaced by sheer despair, and a gnawing, empty feeling that left her cold and in pain.

"I think I'm afraid of sleeping," she confessed quietly. "I'll just dream about the both of them, and wake up in pain. It happened when we lost Renne."

And without Billy, the pain under normal circumstances was ten times harder to deal with. It was physical, emotional and mental all at the same time.
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"It's not something we talked to about people much," Kaya confessed. "It was one of those things that only ones who were going through it were going to understand. What's stopped me from going into a really bad shock was remembering this was probably what happened to billy when I was podded for that little while. It would have helped if I wasn't brigged though."

Talking was at least distracting her for the moment.
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Talking was something that Kaya was going to need right now. When she was brigged before, yes, she had a lot of time to think about why she'd taken certain actions, why she chose to act against a sentiment that made her a sharp dissent for the crew. Now? It was feeling that broken, helpless feeling of not having Billy here, talking to him.

"I still feel bad about it. What would help now, if I weren't brigged, would be going to Ronnae and comforting her. That, or I could at least ground and center in my room on the W.I.T.C.H. bus."

Matt's bus. Negi's home. Another loss of someone she cared about. The list, unfortunately, piled on.
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"Do I ever?" Kaya asked. "They take whenever this paper thin idea of the soul fits, and every time I cry and am sad because its nothing but another friend I have to say by to."


"Why wouldn't I do it here?"
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"Well I wouldn't do it in a large crowded place if I could help it," Kaya said, "but this place is quite, calm, a place I could do it. The W.I.T.C.H. bus is just easier because of Irma's room: water surrounds it and you can actually enter into it if you want. Each of the rooms is based on the girl's element, so its very easy to ground there. It also helps there aren't any forcefields keeping you here against your will."

She sighed. "That was really all I meant. Even so, without Billy, it would be harder anyway. If someone is a part of your soul in a way that Billy is for me, losing him throws everything out of whack. I know you aren't close in quite that way, but you're both in the same team and good friends. It must be bad for you too."
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The fact that it was the holding cells to begin with was a good thing for Kaya: had it been anywhere else, crowded, Kaya would have lost focus completely. She needed it quiet, to have this kind of moment, otherwise it would have just felt like another day someone she knew, someone deeply important to the crew had been taken from them.

"He's like that and more, thanks to Renne," Kaya confessed. "We can sense each other, mentally travel through each other's mindcsapes. I think the reason its easier for me is because I did that before, with someone I knew way back when. That he's gone hurts, more than I can even say."

Oh, Kaylee. Kaya knew her, though not as well as she liked: the girl never failed to bring a smile to her face.

"I hope not. That girl had a way of just...bringing joy in the room somehow. but I know what you mean. I've made many relationships, and one way or another, they get taken away."

She didn't even know about Eva yet, and that would hit HARD.
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"You're thinking that maybe he'll come back," she said, with a smile. Truthfully, it was the only thing that was keeping her going right about now. She hadn't really lost it because she had that hope, and besides, it had happened to her once before, right? It could happen again, maybe.

"I hope he will too. In the meantime, if he doesn't, then there's only one thing I want to be concentration on, and that's this fight. Once the fur really starts to fly, I want to make sure that i'm doing everything to make sure that we get people out of harms way, and I'm fighting to the best of my ability."