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Anwei Ayles ([personal profile] anwei) wrote in [community profile] trans_9 2012-05-29 11:55 pm (UTC)

She thought of snapping at Jamie, reminding him that they were all alive on Stacy while billions upon billions were dead in whatever was left over when the Ohm destroyed a universe. But she refrained. She didn't think harshness was the tool to use here.

And besides, it reminded her of her mothers.

"Repodding is not death. They can return. And it's terrible that they are gone, without warning, without having a chance to say goodbye. But things can get better."

They could get better at repairing Stacy, and undoing her bonds on them and on herself.

"If you feel the weight of this task isn't worth carrying, then think of all the peoples, in all the universes, who have never heard of the war or the Ohm or the Daligig." Lucky. "Think of them alive and laughing and loving and safe - safe, IF we can stop this war. If we can't, the Ohm could just go on until the end of all worlds."

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