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The first thing that Natasha Romanoff - as she had allowed herself to be called in recent years - had done after she had popped out of a gooey pod (and subsequently gotten clothed, briefed on the situation at hand, and retrieved her weapons) was familiarize herself with the spaceship that she had found herself on. It had taken a long while - the size of the ship made the SHIELD Helicarrier seem akin to a SmartCar - but she’d scoured as much of the place as she could, because it was always useful to know one’s bearings.

Especially in a situation like this... )
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25th-May-2012 05:29 pm - Sometimes you lose too much [Open]
Something about the river kept drawing Morgan back.

Which was odd, since he'd never considered himself to have any particular affinity to water before coming to the ship. Sure, he'd trained in it, and enjoyed swimming, but he hadn't considered his pool or a beach to be any sort of 'quiet spot' or meditative spot for himself. Then again, lacking access to his mentor's dojo, or his own personal retreats of choice, maybe he shouldn't be so surprised that he'd found a new one.

Work kept him busy, with Medical low on staff and so much to do from the rebellion. Fake as it might be, he still found himself putting in long hours and lots of effort to keep things going.

Still, sometimes... especially when you got the worst of news, you had to take a break. And you couldn't be strong forever.

Morgan sat at the edge of the river, staring into the currents, and let himself quietly cry.
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18th-Apr-2012 09:32 pm - Dust in the Wind [Open!]
|| Attention, crew, Attention. All personnel who wish to attend the funeral of Howard Bassem and Cedric Diggory, please report to the Observation Deck. ||

Once again, the Observation Deck is prepared for a sending-off of the dead. A hard pod containing Howard's body sits in the center of the room, with a much smaller pod containing Cedric's wand sitting beside it. The observation window is open, showing the attending crew a stunning view of a nearby fiery red star: the final resting place of the two fallen crew members.

Before the launch, though, there are goodbyes to be said.
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4th-Apr-2012 04:41 pm - Meet and Greet
The rest of the crew assembled on the Observation Deck to meet the latest editions to their numbers.

Several people are set up near the doors to provide the new people with omnicomms and comm rings. They are also told they must read information about their current situation and a survival guide with their new omnicomm. New crewmates might see a tall dragonish guy with wings (but don't call him that), a large afro attached to a smaller girl, and talking ponies among their number. There are also several authoritative-looking figures ready to introduce themselves.

There's a lot to tell the new people. It's going to be a lot to take in. But thankfully this time, there's a system that was set up to aid the new crew members with a few more experienced ones.

[ooc: Only new characters and Command Staff can start new threads for introductions, to limit the number of threads. Everyone else, just tag in and have your guys greet the newbies. Big brother/sister, there will be a thread for you as well!]
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24th-Mar-2012 08:44 am - Green Is So Last Season [Open!]

Ever since Rarity popped, there was one thing on the ship which irked her most. The hideous colour of the plant suits. She disliked green a lot and she vowed to change the garment's colours. She had a handful of plant suits laid out on the table in front of her and she levitated one, eyeing the material and poking it with her hoof.

"I didn't know you could make clothes from this kind of material... Let's see what you're made of so I can change your colour."

It did appear to others that the unicorn was talking to an inanimate object.

((OOC: The mods have granted me permission to change the colour of the plantsuits for variety! Your characters can wear their favourite colours now, I guess? =D))
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7th-Mar-2012 03:10 pm - Pattern Detection [Open]
Who: Billy and whoever wants to find him late at night!
Where: Anywhere, just name a location in your tag.
Summary: Billy thinks he sees a pattern in the recent repoddings. Worried about his future and all the recent revelations, he prepares for the worst.
Warnings: None
Is this a horror movie now? )
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Ever since the medical briefing on the comms, the medical bay staff has been preparing for an influx of appointments for physical evaluations, as well as a few walk-ins. After that, the hunt will be on for those who've been skipping such appointments.

A few of the staff members are going about their regular duties, expecting patients or simply biding time at the coffee machine until they're called on.

[OOC: please state the name of which med character(s) you want to administer the evaluation in the header to your comment. If you're fine with anyone tagging in, please indicate so. Available characters are Sakura, Howard, Dr. Faiza Hussain, Soren and Dr. Carson Beckett.]
Three attempts in and this had not been going well.

Outside the transport tubes in the city hovered one pegasus pony, staring in irritation at said tubes. One hoof rested on what was unmistakably a cloud -- a puffy, friendly-looking white cloud, just the right size to make a comfy napping spot for a pegasus who, well, really liked napping.

"You stupid tube tentacle... things!" she said, expecting that the ship would somehow respond. "Let me take the cloud up to that Hydro-whatsit place!"
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10th-Dec-2011 01:31 am - Hydroponics
Morgan had been in Hydroponics when the message first came over the comm system. He had exactly enough time to frown at his omnicomm before the power limiters engaged and the hyperspace compartments in his cloak failed. Like some outtake from a horrible collision of the Matrix and Harpo Marx, the entire contents of that space fell back into normal reality, leaving Morgan in a thigh-deep mound of guns, swords, and an electric guitar.

"Damn," he said, mildly, as he rolled his neck. He glanced off into the distance, quickly judged the amount of time he had till the robots he saw way out there reached him, then spent a few of those precious seconds tossing out a heads-up over the comms for his location.

That done, he dug out the multi-sheath he had made back when he used to carry weapons openly, slapped half-a-dozen blades through it, threw it on, then scooped up a pair of submachine guns.

"Why can't there be an army of good robots for once?" he muttered, flicking off the safeties.

(ooc: feel free to thread together to help Morgan defend against the evil robots. Also, evil robot NPCs are needed here!)
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2nd-Nov-2011 09:32 pm - The Clothes Make the (Wo)Man
Maxine, being a pretty energetic girl, over all, wasn't exactly hard to find on the ship-- she had a tendency to be everywhere at once (well not literally, but that was obvious, wasn't it?) and to be moving excitedly from one thing to the other. She wasn't letting any of this situation get her down, and she was doing her best to adapt to the situation and to find a good place for herself! She still needed to figure out the departments and stuff, but for now? She had something she could work on that she felt pretty confident she was good at, and that she enjoyed. And that was a good start, right?

In the Sensoriums-- because she didn't want to waste anything with real supplies, that would be awful and unfair-- Maxine glided happily in her imaginary workshop. The entire room was spread haphazardly with cloth, sewing machines, mannequins and more-- basically everything she could want to make costumes and clothing. Even if this wasn't actually real. At the very least, she could use the Sensoriums to design some stuff that she could make for real, later! That way nothing would go to waste.

Cheerfully, Maxine settled in front of a mirror, humming loudly to herself while she held up fabrics in front of her, admiring the colours and materials.
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19th-Oct-2011 12:36 pm - You Can't Go Home [Open]
When she wasn't with Zuko, Mai needed to find something to do that wasn't throwing knives at the wall. Even that got boring after a while. You could only practice so much before your muscles decided you needed to do something else. So, she'd taken up simply wandering through the city. It was decent exercise and she was less likely to run into people who wanted to ask her stupid questions. Or any of the Avatar's group, for that matter. After Ozai, she'd been avoiding them. Not out of any hatred toward them, but simply because she would rather not have to explain herself if any of them wanted to know why.

So, the city had its appeal. Until she found her old family home, anyway. It was her family's manor from the Fire Nation capital, but here, it stood on a side street, in between a walled manor made of adobe, with curving, elegant archways and a squat, steely, sullen looking building that looked more like a bunker than anything else. It was also empty. She wandered the hallways and for the first time, she realized how omnipresent the servants actually had been. She had been so used to seeing them out of the corner of her eye or just passing by on some chore that they'd become part of the scenery. PArt of the house.

Without them, it was strangely empty and quiet.

The garden was there, of course. As immaculate and well-trimmed as the last time she remembered seeing it (who or what kept it from overgrowing and becoming a disaster area was a mystery). The furniture was there, too. A bit dusty, but otherwise in perfect condition. She slowly settled onto a couch on a balcony that overlooked the street. Back home, the Fire Nation Palace was just across the street - she could see it in her mind's eye - and it had been a point of pride for her family that they had a town-house that close to the Fire Lord. It showed royal favor, her mother had told her once. Which was why her father had become governor of New Ozai, of course.

She slumped back against the cushions, feeling oddly homesick for the first time in a long, long while.

"Figures. I can't escape my parents, even when they're in slimy pods..."
12th-Oct-2011 09:45 am - Hello Kittenland
Welcome to Kittenland, the most adorable place in Happy Happy Fun World! If you didn't like Kittenland, you probably had no soul at all.

There was the Kitten Go Round, a Merry Go Round where everyone could ride a kitten; the Nyan Cat Coaster, a rollercoaster where the carriages were in the shape of kittens with pop tart bodies, racing along a rainbow track to the constant sound of 'nyanyanyanyan'; the Kitten Petting Corner (with real kittens!); and the Hello Kitty Teacups.

And then there was the merchandise - the Nyan Cat Coaster had a shop of it's own, as did the Hello Kitty Teacups, both with a considerable range in merchandise; there was Kitten Candy, kitten t-shirts, kitten magnets, and more. Oddly enough though, you couldn't buy actual kittens.

[ooc: Feel free to make up any other kitten related rides or merchanise if you want!]]
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1st-Oct-2011 12:17 am - Meat n' Greet
The rest of the crew assembled on the Observation Deck to meet the latest editions to their numbers. After the revelation that their worlds are gone, many of them are even more eager to see people they knew from home.

Several people are set up near the doors to provide the new people with omnicoms and comm rings. They are also told they must read information about their current situation and a survival guide with their new omnicom. New crew-mates might see a tall dragonish guy with wings (but don't call him that) and purple girl among their number. There are also several authoritative-looking figures ready to introduce themselves.

There's a lot to tell the new people. It's going to be a lot to take in.

[ooc: Only new characters and Command Staff can start new threads for introductions, to limit the number of threads. Everyone else, just tag in and have your guys greet the newbies.]
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To say Chell had been shaken up by Stacy's "gift" would be an understatement. First, Cave Johnson, in the flesh, then the mysterious Other Person, the one who'd led her to GLaDOS' chamber that first time, the one who scrawled cryptic messages in back rooms and painted all those murals of her. Knowing there had been another living person running through the bowels of Aperture the same time she was fighting for her life was a shock, to say nothing of actually meeting the man. It was only a day, but it was enough. She needed to get her mind elsewhere before it wandered to unsavory places. Well. More unsavory places than it had already been.

Generally, when she spent time in the Sensoriums, it was in an imagined outdoor landscape, a yellow wheat field with a brilliant blue sky and perfect white clouds--the opposite of the lab in which she'd been imprisoned, almost foreign. Now, however, Chell was looking for familiarity, and as much as she hated the test chambers, hated what they reminded her of, she had to admit they were the most familiar thing she knew. And on a place like Stacy, familiarity was comfort, especially in the wake of recent events.

And it was good to have a portal device again, even if it was only imaginary. She just plain felt safer with one, the weight of it in her hands and the knowledge that it could provide life-saving escape if the need arose.

Chell had always thought that GLaDOS' puzzles would be fun without the presence of a homicidal robot or two after her blood, and so she found an unoccupied Sensorium and started devising a few of her own, ones with lots of sheer drops and high-mounted panels and aerial faith plates, perfect for launching herself from ledge to ledge around the chamber. If she closed her eyes it was almost like flying.

[OOC: Bendytimed to after Visitation Day. LET US ALL THINK WITH PORTALS.]
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20th-Sep-2011 02:54 pm - Visitation Day
Let it never be said that Stacy was not benevolent toward her crew. Truth was, she loved them, to the point of risking her own life. And thus, she'd been busy for quite some time... silently she had worked, trying to get into her own archives and cross-checking references. She was going to help boost morale and give them a gift - show them people they cared about, wake them up for a single day as proof that, yes, they were there, close by. She was going to give them a day to awaken, to see their loved ones again and to go back, knowing that their time would come one day or another...

It sounded so beautiful and poetic on theory. In reality, it could become a true disaster. Spent of most of the energies doing this task, in complete secrecy to keep it as a surprise, Stacy's never-ending work was only stopped by its own Warden program, which pulled the plug on the ship's search to find everyone at least someone they cared about. That, unfortunately, left her not only spent of energy which was dangerous in itself - but it also meant that some of the crew would be deprived of seeing their close ones, no doubt leaving some of them bitter.

The road to hell has always been paved by good intentions.

Stacy's voice was decidedly more cheerful than normal as she spoke to the entire ship.

|| Transmigration Nine crew, please report to the Observation Deck. I have a gift for you. ||

She repeated the request, and waited.

Once most of the crew had made their way there, she continued.

||I have been working on a...|| she couldn't quite find the proper word and settled on the next one, || present for you. While many of your records are locked to even me, I have worked to find the pods which contain people close to you. I...apologize if some of you may end up with no one, it is not my fault I...|| suddenly Stacy's voice seemed a little less cheerful, ||The Warden stopped me before I could finish everything completely. Please do not feel like I targeted you specifically, I really did my best to get as many of your friends and companions awake as possible for today.||

Now was the hardest part to explain.

||And that is, unfortunately, all that can be given to you. Because their avia are not yet ready to be properly awakened, they'll be here for a single day. Please make the most of it, so you can feel better and continue our mission with renewed vigor . I hope that meeting those that care about you will give you a boost of energy that you all need.|| Spoken like a mother who put her children before herself. ||But if you can...look at it this way, it means that they are here, and one day I will proudly awaken them properly when they are ready.||

Her voice was becoming strange as she went on. Not static-like, but raspy, like someone who was running out of breath.

||And I am afraid that I must go offline for a few hours due to the strain this is putting|| It sounded really painful for her to speak, completely spent and only going because she wanted to at least give them a proper last word. ||||

For the first time in a long while, Stacy was completely silent.

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2nd-Sep-2011 05:43 pm - A Housewarming Party for a Castle
Celestia's new home was a grand residence indeed: the citadel of Camelot, a place which featured heavily in the myths and legends of Earth. Not that Celestia was familiar with these myths, of course.

Guests were free to wonder around the castle at will, but Celestia had decided that today, the courtyard would be a lovely place for everypony to get together. There were a few tables set up, with the treats Hoshi and Applejack had so generously made, and Rarity's beautiful decorations. And later, Celestia planned to invite her guests to ride on the Ferris wheel that happened to be located just outside the castle.

The crewmembers had suffered a great loss recently, but she hoped that this would bring them some small amount of joy, and the comfort of friendship in this time.

[[ooc: Sorry this is a day late guys, uni ended up being much more hectic yesterday than I expected. Anyways, I've put up a subthread for Celestia greeting visitors and rides on the London Eye. Those that ICly helped out this party can also set up sub-threads for the food tables/games/whatever as well, if you guys want to. (Edit: The sub-thread for Hoshi & Applejack's nibbles is up here!)

But other than that, feel free to start your own threads and tag each other. People can also wonder around and explore the castle - it's the BBC Merlin version of Camelot, but only the citadel itself (as opposed to the whole city).]]
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30th-Aug-2011 06:45 pm - Exhaustion!
After fighting in a massive planetary battle -- well, less 'fighting' and more 'healing people, occasionally from literal death' -- the Akashic was, in a word, exhausted.

Not necessarily physically; regardless of how grueling shifts in Medbay might be at the moment, he made a point to stick to his schedule, sleep plenty, eat (ugh) enough gruel, and keep his body in shape. Not necessarily mentally either; good health and self-care, along with meditation and discipline, helped in that matter as well.

There was just a certain level of core, deep, ground-in exhaustion that couldn't be banished that easily, though. So that left only one thing to do for the best relaxation:

Snowboard in the sensorium.

Who wants in on this?
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12th-Aug-2011 09:19 pm - Lirath - The Coming Storm
 After receiving the warning the Tapestry had provided them, along the order to begin preparations from Councillor Kang, the crew had been getting ready for upcoming combat with the Ohm.

Unfortunately, the rather vague nature of the warning they received meant they had no particular way of knowing exactly when this battle would occur. Understandably, this put some of the crew on edge, but at the very least they had some prior warning that they would be facing the Ohm, rather than being thrown blind into such a dangerous situation. Combat drills, vehicle maintenance and armory inspections seemed to be regular sights for the week or so following Kang's message. Not much time to prepare, but the crew worked with what was given to them.

Eventually, however, the call came.

||Alert, Alert,|| Stacy called out throughout the ship, ||Priority One message from GIA High Command. All crew members please report to the Obs Deck. Repeat, Priority One message from GIA High Command, All crew members please report to the Obs Deck...||

Stacy kept repeating the message over and over until the crew began making their way towards the Obs Deck to receive the message.

[ooc: As implied by the post, we're assuming the crew's ICly had a one-to-two week heads-up about the battle. It was supposed to be played out, but RL timing prevented this from working out. Feel free to come up with the details of your character's preparations on your own

Also, as usual, please wait for subthreads to go up before tagging in.

Edit: It's up! Feel free to start tagging in!]
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8th-Aug-2011 12:08 am - Sensorium Static - Take II [Open]
Superboy was yet again in the sensorium. He spent time there on and off, and anyone who happened to enter the room while he was there would probably find it... unpleasant. He is, as usual, sitting on a couch. The couch happens to be red. Aside of Superboy and the couch, the entire room is fuzzy black and white static, like you'd find between channels on a television screen. It's as if the couch were suspended underwater, but instead of water, it's static.

There is a flat surface to stand on and it is level, but there is nothing visual to distinguish it from the rest of the room other than the plane that the couch is sitting on. Superboy is just staring blankly into space.
The day had finally arrived for her big event, and Starfire couldn't be happier---or more nervous, actually. She was certainly not an expert on the inner workings of a prom, but it couldn't be too terribly complicated, right? As long as the people could eat, dance, and talk, it should be a reasonable success.

With that in mind, her decorations sprung from her mind into the large dome all around her, transforming a grey Sensorium into a beautiful underwater world, one with clear waters and free from the possibility of a shark attack.
Diving into a underwater wonderland... )
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