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17th-Jun-2012 11:25 pm
Who: Fuu and OPEN
Where: The Chalk Drawings. Specifically the Thames.
Summary: Fuu stumbles into some pavement art.
Warnings: Cockney accents None!

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6th-Jun-2012 08:12 pm - Fallout (Bendytimed Pre-Rebellion)
Brenda moved with slow steps down the halls of the crew quarters. Her whole body ached, screaming at her for the marathon she'd forced it through only a few hours ago, but her mind was still too loud to let her just lay down and sleep.

There were dozens of images she couldn't hope to wipe from her mind, a hundred tiny questions about what would happen now and what she should do from here ringing in her ears, and on top of all of it Querl was shutting out visitors. It left her terrified and numb all at once. Not being able to see him, to know he was alright after everything, just made her chest ache but she was too tired to muster the fit of rage she wanted to throw, too overwhelmed and emotionally raw to try to talk to him even if she could see him, probably...

She rubbed at her eyes as she turned the last corner on her route. Once medical had released her she had begun walking without a second thought, remembering the way with remarkable clarity for how long it had been since she'd made the trip.

Brenda lifted her left hand for three quick knocks on Paco's door, her right shoulder still sore from being overworked. She was sure she looked a wreck, hair barely brushed, thin and bruised and bag-eyed. Belatedly, she wondered if she should have sent him a warning message first instead of just showing up to see him looking at least half as bad as she felt. She'd never liked coming to him injured and upset back when they were in school, doing it again now was more than a touch painful.

The door slid open and Brenda forced an awkward smile to her face to keep the tears welling up at bay. Actually seeing him in front of her, close enough to touch, hit her like a brick in the chest.

"Hey you." she managed after a second. "Miss me?"
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Despair was a funny thing sometimes, in that it could be all-encompassing, overwhelming. It could fill your entire being like water dripping down into the grooves and craters of a pockmarked surface, creating a flat uniform plane of itself.

He hadn't quite felt this way at first. First, he'd just been numb. He'd been numb when he'd tried to give Jeka his flight ring and she refused and as Jeka had been taken away to the pods for healing after what his mother had done to her. He'd been numb as he was given medical treatment and turned away all visitors, including Brenda. He'd been numb when facing the Council and demanding he be imprisoned for what he'd done to Daniel and Punchy and the others. He'd been numb in their face of their compassion and insistence that he didn't need to be locked up, that probation and psychiatric treatment and monitoring were enough in light of his guilt and his treatment of his mother.

When he heard the news that Punchy had died before he had the chance to thank him for trying to save him, for talking him down out of despair at the lowest moment of his entire life, that was ironically when the despair came back full force. It felt terrible.

It also felt good to feel, to not be like his mother. That was the fine line between them, thin as the edge of a knife but a difference that, like the edge of a knife, cut down deep to the bone. His mother wouldn't have shed a tear over the death of Matthew O'Connor, but curled up in his cot in the Brig, Querl Dox wept wretchedly over the passing of the most ridiculously-named superhero he'd ever known.
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The two groups were free, Punchy had been safely left in a shield bubble, and now that Brainiac 5 was free from his mother's control and closer to himself again, it was only a matter of stopping Brainiac 4 from enacting her plans to harm the crew.

That task was probably easier said than done, of course.
Things were looking rather dire for the captives of the Brainiacs. They were very securely trapped, no one knew where they were, the old Brainiac 5 appeared to be completely gone, incapable of his old morality, and apparently, Brainiac 4 had some sort of plans that involved getting past Stacy's defenses.
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11th-Apr-2012 04:52 pm - Part 1 - The Mirror Turned
There was no sound in the hangar, where the signal could be traced to something transmitting it that was hidden among the ships. The omnicom itself that was in Brenda's possession was transmitting, but there was something else in the hangar that had been amplifying the signal and carrying it along through the shielded depths of the ship back when the omnicom had been in the lab and wirelessly hacked by the strange mental array attached to Brainy's brain, and that was what they were tracing the signal to rather than the omnicom itself, months of hard work finally letting them crack the code.

There were no sounds of running or of someone being chased. That was possibly alarming. Silence, when someone had been running for their lives, was a bad thing.

[ooc: Closed to: the Brainies, Danny Phantom, Brenda, Red Robin, Zuko, Shoutaro, Jeka, and Punchy. Cole-player, I'll give you your cue to hop in and witness the trap going off by email and give you a setup when it's time.]
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1st-Oct-2011 01:19 am - [Closed]
Danny was, quite frankly, irritated beyond all belief. A little bit after his clone/cousin/sister Dani had been repodded, he too had been dumped back into podsleep for who knew how long. And really, it had been horrifying enough the first time. He hadn't really wanted to repeat the experience. But of course Stacy, GlaDOS, or maybe just his avia had other plans.

He stalked his way back up to Weapons and Possesions, and, diving straight into the piles of junk, started looking for his stuff.

"Nope, nope, nope, come on, where is that dang Fenton Thermos?" Danny muttered, elbow deep in a box
8th-Jul-2010 11:59 pm - FOOOOOD FIIIIIGHT (In a supermarket)
Kon had a plan. Y'see, they'd gotten well and truly trounced planet-side, even if they saved the people and walked away, and that was something of a bummer. Total bummer. Of course they'd picked up and carried on, but Superboy was all for having fun in the face of crapitude.

So Kon had a plan that would both act as valuable training (totally valuable) and be tons of fun. (With way more emphasis on the fun part).

That was why the doors to one of the Sensoriums was left open, an announcement was made on the omnicomms, and... there was a supermarket in the Sensorium. As if this wasn't odd enough by itself, there was someone creeping down the aisles humming the theme to the A-Team.

Then silence.


22nd-Jun-2010 11:58 pm - Back on the ship...
An army cannot function without any support! Which is exactly why what was going down on the ship was so vital to what was happening planetside. Shuttles between the two managed to bring a few of the crew back up and can be used to send supplies back down. It was a vital service in this time of crisis.

[Support dudes and on ship action can go here!]
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15th-Jun-2010 12:15 am - Double-Date
You're on a vacation planet, taking a well-deserved vacation. But do you know where your mismatched set of El Paso's Best Sidekicks are?

They're not sunbathing.

They're not shopping.

They're not swimming or dancing or sleeping.

No, Paco and Brenda are on a mission. A mission to locate a certain other ginger-and-black-haired twosome and take advantage of the entertainment the vacation planet had to offer.

Steve and Miku, you're about to get double-dated!
9th-Jun-2010 02:17 pm - In a Mood
Thunk-bump-bap. Thunk-bump-bap. Thunk-bump-bap.

If anyone asked, Paco was using the Sensorium for physical therapy with his cyber-arm. Thunk went the tennis ball against the side of Rogers C. Giffen Elementary School's outdoor ball-shed. Bump it went off the shoe-scuffed blacktop. Bap back into his mechanical hand.

As for what he was really doing...

Thunk-bump-bap. Thunk-bump-bap.

Yeerks. Freaking Yeerks...
3rd-Jun-2010 11:40 pm - During Podpop [Open]
Brainiac 5 had been released from GLaDoS's clutches with another individual [PLACEHOLDER: A LINK TO A LOG WITH SPENCER WILL APPEAR HERE LATER], who he'd given some explanations and something of an abrupt tour to, and quickly found his way to Obs Deck, only to find it was rather occupied at the moment.

"Just what we need--more of the dazed and ignorant masses," says the Coluan only mildly contemptuously.

Then he keens a look for the individuals he'd very much like to see.
27th-May-2010 12:06 am - A Return
Jaime's back. So's Brenda. And they have someone to see. Someones actually, if anyone else wants to see them. Running the mazes wasn't that bad once they'd run into each other and managed to team up with their portal-making.

"How much you think we missed?" he asks Brenda. "Think we got any new people?"

They have a lot to catch up on, but numero uno is finding a certain best bud of theirs and reminding him his friends are there.
3rd-Mar-2010 08:02 pm - The Battle That Ended The Century
People say that war is hell. This looked it.

Buildings and cars and bodies are scattered like broken toys as far as the eye can see, stretching out toward a dirty horizon. Even the clouds seems streaked with mud and blood, and they're taking it out on everyone below with a constant stream of cold, soaking rain.

The sounds of fighting seem to come from all directions, but at this moment, there's no one else in sight.

A breather. The calm before the storm.

[[OOC: This is for everyone who was involved with "The Lurking Fear". Questions go to Milo or Kaylin.]]
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21st-Feb-2010 11:17 pm - The Lurking Fear - Group 14
Nightmare becomes reality....

[roster: Leader - Batman, Brainiac 5, Duncan Idaho, Invisible Kid, Brenda Del Vecchio, Hellion]
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Brenda and insomnia used to be old friends.

Back when every minute of sleep felt like a minute of her mother's dwindling life being wasted. Back when dealing with her father kept her on her toes, even at rest. Back when healing injuries kept her half-aware at all hours. Back when there was a better reason for not sleeping than stupid nightmares.

Knowing that something out there was deliberately messing with her sleep now, with that sleep she had only had a few months really to savor the normalcy of, was infuriating. But anger didn't do much to undermine all the fear the nightmares still made her feel.

There were too many times now that she'd nodded off out of sheer exhaustion only to be woken groping to find reality in the dream fog. It was way too much to be half-awake, scared out of her mind, still TASTING blood and hearing shouting and screaming. Tonight it took her scrambling out of bed and walking headfirst into the door frame on her way to the hall to shake her completely out of the nightmare's grip.

Shaking, cold, freaked out as all hell, there was just one place she thought to go to first. She wasn't going to feel okay until she knew that Paco was safe and sound and not a beaten heap on her imaginary front porch.

She tried to knock on the shared door halfway softly, hoping to wake just one of her two best friends - although she wouldn't have said no to a Jaime-hug at the door either.
3rd-Feb-2010 11:15 pm - Epileptic Trees
The crew dreams.

As they have been for the past while, their dreams are being tampered with, but tonight it's different. Roxie, one of the crew members has done rituals to try to give the crew good dreams. However, the power of the Nightmare King can't easily be overcome, as a result, rather than pleasant or nightmarish, people's dreams are instead taking a turn for the surreal tonight.

Get ready to go down the rabbit hole, Meatship.

The jovial extra terrestrial sporadically giggled at the sight of the imaginary synthetic meat by-product. Exuberance!

Curiouser and curiouser.
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1st-Feb-2010 03:06 am - Ain't No Rest For The Not-So-Wicked
Brenda hasn't slept a whole night in three days.

She gets a few hours of rest here and there, but it's interspersed with nightmares like she hasn't had since her father died. They are vivid, stressful, leave her brain plowing along at a mile a minute and nothing seems to stop it.

She wonders if Jeka is sleeping well, if snake-aliens even dream, but never remembers to ask her. Instead she gets up in the wee hours and wanders the ship just to keep herself moving and to not give in to that chill that keeps crawling down her spine whenever she stands still too long.

Tonight she ends up in the queer little art gallery room, with the statue at the center that shifts according to her thoughts. Tonight none of her ideas are pleasant on their own so she tries to force something a little nicer.

She's watching her mother make pancakes, long hair down her back and a smile on her face, when she realizes she's not by herself anymore.
31st-Jan-2010 04:55 pm - Shooting at Aliens (Open)
Grif's been having a hard time sleeping, but that's not news. Everbody's been having a hard time sleeping. It bothers him, because the more time he spends awake the more time he spends thinking about it and the more geeked up he gets over it, and the more tired he is and the worse the dreams are. It's a vicious cycle, and he can't figure out a way to deal with it. It's hard to not stress out over things that are impossible to ignore.

The simple solution is, of course, to drown out his brain.

If anybody goes into the media library, they'll find Grif in front of a screen playing some kind of first-person shooter. Futuristic from the look of it and familiar in the "this is an FPS screen" sort of way, but not identifiable on sight. Whatever it is, he must have the difficulty cranked fairly high because there are monsters swarming out of everywhere and they're not going down very quickly.

Still, it seems he's actually pretty good at it.
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