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Despair was a funny thing sometimes, in that it could be all-encompassing, overwhelming. It could fill your entire being like water dripping down into the grooves and craters of a pockmarked surface, creating a flat uniform plane of itself.

He hadn't quite felt this way at first. First, he'd just been numb. He'd been numb when he'd tried to give Jeka his flight ring and she refused and as Jeka had been taken away to the pods for healing after what his mother had done to her. He'd been numb as he was given medical treatment and turned away all visitors, including Brenda. He'd been numb when facing the Council and demanding he be imprisoned for what he'd done to Daniel and Punchy and the others. He'd been numb in their face of their compassion and insistence that he didn't need to be locked up, that probation and psychiatric treatment and monitoring were enough in light of his guilt and his treatment of his mother.

When he heard the news that Punchy had died before he had the chance to thank him for trying to save him, for talking him down out of despair at the lowest moment of his entire life, that was ironically when the despair came back full force. It felt terrible.

It also felt good to feel, to not be like his mother. That was the fine line between them, thin as the edge of a knife but a difference that, like the edge of a knife, cut down deep to the bone. His mother wouldn't have shed a tear over the death of Matthew O'Connor, but curled up in his cot in the Brig, Querl Dox wept wretchedly over the passing of the most ridiculously-named superhero he'd ever known.
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The two groups were free, Punchy had been safely left in a shield bubble, and now that Brainiac 5 was free from his mother's control and closer to himself again, it was only a matter of stopping Brainiac 4 from enacting her plans to harm the crew.

That task was probably easier said than done, of course.
Things were looking rather dire for the captives of the Brainiacs. They were very securely trapped, no one knew where they were, the old Brainiac 5 appeared to be completely gone, incapable of his old morality, and apparently, Brainiac 4 had some sort of plans that involved getting past Stacy's defenses.
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11th-Apr-2012 04:52 pm - Part 1 - The Mirror Turned
There was no sound in the hangar, where the signal could be traced to something transmitting it that was hidden among the ships. The omnicom itself that was in Brenda's possession was transmitting, but there was something else in the hangar that had been amplifying the signal and carrying it along through the shielded depths of the ship back when the omnicom had been in the lab and wirelessly hacked by the strange mental array attached to Brainy's brain, and that was what they were tracing the signal to rather than the omnicom itself, months of hard work finally letting them crack the code.

There were no sounds of running or of someone being chased. That was possibly alarming. Silence, when someone had been running for their lives, was a bad thing.

[ooc: Closed to: the Brainies, Danny Phantom, Brenda, Red Robin, Zuko, Shoutaro, Jeka, and Punchy. Cole-player, I'll give you your cue to hop in and witness the trap going off by email and give you a setup when it's time.]
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1st-Oct-2011 01:19 am - [Closed]
Danny was, quite frankly, irritated beyond all belief. A little bit after his clone/cousin/sister Dani had been repodded, he too had been dumped back into podsleep for who knew how long. And really, it had been horrifying enough the first time. He hadn't really wanted to repeat the experience. But of course Stacy, GlaDOS, or maybe just his avia had other plans.

He stalked his way back up to Weapons and Possesions, and, diving straight into the piles of junk, started looking for his stuff.

"Nope, nope, nope, come on, where is that dang Fenton Thermos?" Danny muttered, elbow deep in a box
This really should have happened months ago, but it was finally happening.

The engineers were having a meeting, and Billy couldn't be more nervous if he was presenting his best work to the scientific greats. And if he thought about it, he probably was doing that on some level.

Once the announcement was made, Billy gathered his strength at the lab board. Upon it, he'd scribbled drawings, lists of names, and possible project ideas. He also held a datapad in his hand, listing possible courses of action in the event that certain people were abducted and erased.

No matter how much he planned, though, the direction of the meeting would depend on what the members brought to the table. They could oust him, they could propose a death weapon, they could complain, they could blow something up, and they could do so much more. He would really have to wait, see, and try to restrain them from killing each other.

Resigning himself to his fate, he looked to the doorway and waved to the first arrivals.

[ooc: Anyone who would have responded to his request or been interested at all is welcome! There will be subthreads for different topics, and it will be open as long as it needs to be because I know we have some hiatuses right now.

We'll start with the mingling and slowly get the ball rolling!]
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22nd-Jun-2010 09:22 pm - Descent
The reactor may have been saved, but the Ohm's primary purpose in overloading it had been achieved: the planetary defense network on Zokez II was now deactivated.

It was now the true invasion could begin.

A matter of minutes after the reactor had been saved, a number of vast, Ohm Leviathans appeared in orbit above the planet, some of them devouring those fleeing ships they could get their hands on.

Across all of the islands on the planet below, numerous shimmering lights appeared, and out of them poured hordes of Grunts, Grenadiers, Tanks, and all manner of other Ohm types. They swarmed over the cities, destroying everything in their path, and slaughtering anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their way.

Wherever they went, destruction followed. Left unopposed, they would raze the entire planet without any effort.

But they are not unopposed.

It was time for the crew to finally do what they were Chosen to do.

[ooc: General Ohm fightyness! Check here before posting.]
20th-Jun-2010 08:15 pm
Somewhere near the hub, GLaDoS is returning crew members to the main portion of the ship.

“For your participation, cake and therapy may be obtained in the lobby.”

Mulan springs to her feet. “What lobby?”

Zuko, who looks the most singed of the group, picks himself up and brushes off the front of his plantsuit. “I never want to hear a word about cake again as long as I live.”

“Really?” Biff is adjusting his kilt, which, unfortunately for the rest of the group, has had more than a few wardrobe slips during their runs through the mazes. “Because I’m going to the Sensoriums right now to find out what it is.”

No one shows any signs of accompanying him. Allen, frantically checking his Omnicom, has gone paler than usual. “Motherfuck. I need to talk to Chief, like right now.”

“Why, what day is it?” Will starts to ask, but he has already taken off. She calls after him, brow knitted with confusion. “How long were we in there?”

“Too long.” Goliath leans against the wall, looking more irritated than usual. This may have something to do with the fact that he appears to have been functioning as the group’s meat-shield, judging by the amount of injuries he’s sustained, all hastily bandaged with the remnants of Mulan’s oversized men’s shirt. “I think –”

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence before he turns to stone.

Will looks relieved. The remaining two just look confused. “Good. He said sleep would make him feel better.” She yawns . “Speaking of sleep, it would probably make us all feel better.”

“Uh –“ Mulan is still staring at the stone gargoyle. “Maybe we should move him first?”
“He should be all right.” Will tucks her hair behind her ear. “I don’t want to accidently break him or anything.”

“Then I’m going to find out what’s been going on. And how long we were gone.” Zuko stalks away from the girls, swords still drawn.

Will looks at Mulan again. “So . . . that’s probably a good idea. Do you want to go to the cafeteria first? I’m hungry, even for slop.”

“That does sound good.” She looks down at her exposed plantsuit – “maybe I can find someone who’ll let me have another shirt on the way.”
3rd-Jun-2010 11:40 pm - During Podpop [Open]
Brainiac 5 had been released from GLaDoS's clutches with another individual [PLACEHOLDER: A LINK TO A LOG WITH SPENCER WILL APPEAR HERE LATER], who he'd given some explanations and something of an abrupt tour to, and quickly found his way to Obs Deck, only to find it was rather occupied at the moment.

"Just what we need--more of the dazed and ignorant masses," says the Coluan only mildly contemptuously.

Then he keens a look for the individuals he'd very much like to see.
21st-Feb-2010 11:17 pm - The Lurking Fear - Group 14
Nightmare becomes reality....

[roster: Leader - Batman, Brainiac 5, Duncan Idaho, Invisible Kid, Brenda Del Vecchio, Hellion]
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Ahava had spent a lot of time preparing for this, even going so far as to get to the sensoriums early, despite her sore ankle, to make sure everything was exactly how she wanted it to be. Querl’s nightmare had painted an extremely vivid image in her mind and suggested a deep longing that she wondered if he was even really aware of. But even if the nightmare hadn’t made that clear, their conversation over the omnicoms would have. He saw her as something of a mother figure, and considering what his last mother had apparently been like... well. She had plenty of reasons to want to make sure his experience was entirely different this time around.

That was why she was being so thorough now. The sensorium had been set up surprisingly simply: a park on Earth on a nice, pleasant spring day. It was quiet, though there were faint sounds that might have been a city somewhere in the distance, and while the sun was shining brightly, it wasn’t too hot either. A large, leafy tree offered plenty of shade, and under that Ahava had set out everything for a quiet picnic. A simple wooden bench decorated with a plain white cloth, a holographic Tri-D chess set, and even a picnic basket.

Now everything was ready, she settled back to relax in the shade and wait for Querl to arrive.
3rd-Feb-2010 11:15 pm - Epileptic Trees
The crew dreams.

As they have been for the past while, their dreams are being tampered with, but tonight it's different. Roxie, one of the crew members has done rituals to try to give the crew good dreams. However, the power of the Nightmare King can't easily be overcome, as a result, rather than pleasant or nightmarish, people's dreams are instead taking a turn for the surreal tonight.

Get ready to go down the rabbit hole, Meatship.

The jovial extra terrestrial sporadically giggled at the sight of the imaginary synthetic meat by-product. Exuberance!

Curiouser and curiouser.
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1st-Feb-2010 06:38 am - Not quite the moonwalk!
There are plants. She can tell that much through the window. At least before one of the bodies in the room floats between her window and the window across from it.

Indigo is just outside the door to the old Spacewalk, floating just a little to get a good look. Her hands are clasped behind her back. She'd been exploring the ship, following some of the ventilation shaft's exteriors before she decided to go into their interiors, when the door to the spacewalk had caught her eye. Well, not so much the door as her sensors indicating that there was a stretch of the ship nearby that was both weightless and a total vacuum.

Now she sees why. A small, detached part of her thinks it's quite beautiful, even with the corpses floating in the weightlessness. Most of her just wonders if it's possible to open this section of the ship up somehow, she'd like to check out what her maps have listed as 'Hydroponics'.
25th-Jan-2010 04:24 am - Taking Advantage [Closedish?]
Brenda has cookies. She also has a trampoline. The trampoline was there BEFORE Brainy put on an 'I am totally baked' APB on the comm rings - she'd been bouncing on it as her own little fun reward for a workout well completed - but it seemed like the kind of thing to keep around when your stoned friend was coming to visit.

Honestly she was a bit torn, between worry and hysterical amusement.
Sawyer had been avoiding the city ever since Bella had told him that the Vatican had been all but destroyed during the fighting with the zombies. No one had died, which Sawyer--rather immodestly--accredited to himself and all the work he put in getting the basilica ready for just that kind of occasion. But with the basilica trashed, Sawyer had lost the spot on the ship that he had adopted as his own little castle--even if other, more religious crew members had tried to mosey in on his turf. So, in an effort to familiarize himself with some of the newly opened areas of the ship, Sawyer had been walking around and poking his head into the command deck, engineering, neuropathy, and, eventually, the flight deck.

He spent at least an hour wandering around the deck, looking at all the different fighters, bombers, mechs, frigates, and shuttles before his eyes landed on something that most definitely didn't seem to belong. In one untouched corner of the flight deck stood an object covered up with a protective tarp. It wasn't large, especially in comparison to all the other machines around it. It, in fact, looked rather reminiscent in size to a normal vehicle from Earth.

With furrowed brow, Sawyer wandered over to the "mysterious" vehicle and cautiously took hold of the tarp and gave it a sharp tug only to reveal....


An hour or so later, anyone stopping by the hangar deck would find Sawyer, driving in circles in an empty corner of the hangar at five miles at hour. The windows were rolled up, and a cloud of smoke filled the vehicle as the meatship's resident a$$hole puffed away on something that was not a cigarette.

[OOC: Please keep to one thread. Thank you!!!]
It is that time again, meatship.

Once again, the King of Nightmares has deigned to spread his touch to all of your dreams.

This time, however, he has decided to give them a much more personal touch, sending his very own children to visit each and every one of you, slowly sowing the seeds of madness within all of you.

Such a kind and loving king he is, isn't he?

[ooc: Alright folks, Nightmare King is ramping things up a bit. These nightmares are a good bit more dangerous now, and he's sending in his minions to make things a little more real. The nightmares will be of a much more serious nature this time, designed to start driving the crew slowly insane. Characters are more likely to run into nightmare minions in the guise of someone or something that will tug at the edges of their sanity. Also, this time, the characters can have joint dreams, as these nightmares are of a more mystical nature this time. Once again, tagging in isn't mandatory, but if you want to, go crazy (literally)!]

[Additional Note: Any injuries won't be carrying over to real life at this point in the plot but don't worry, we'll get there eventually!]
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5th-Jan-2010 09:32 pm - Legion Found? [closed]
The mission had been...interesting. That version of Earth had been somewhat similar to the Earth of Brainy's time and universe (though still not nearly as technologically advanced as the UP), but socially, it had been backwards. Crime and poverty had run rampant, and the citizens that the United Planets would have at least tried to care for, had been ignored and left to fend for themselves.

Oh, to have a sensible universe, where the homeless had extensive shelters dedicated to the task of reintegrating them in as useful members of society, where healthcare was universal and free, and where the Science Police kept crime under tight control (and if they couldn't, the Legion stepped in). The Legion's timeline was hardly utopian, and they had definitely done some good on that planet, but seeing a world like that still brought on the sting of homesickness. (Admittedly, he'd deny it as usual). Furthermore, with the native holidays' emphasis on togetherness, it had left him acutely aware of the fact that the two Legionnaires on the ship were the lone representatives of their team. The thought that the rest were locked away asleep in their pods was disheartening, and the fear that some of them might not have been saved from the void was completely unthinkable, but still ever-present.

Not that I miss anyone, of course, he reflects as he floats down to the Special Weapons Labs, but having the others to talk to does pass the time. Shikari is acceptable company, as is Spark and Kid Quantum, Gates can be amusing, at times...

His mouth quirking with amusement, he thinks, And, of course, while he certainly isn't the superior scientific mind, Norg's intellectual creativity and input is sometimes useful, especially with more complex problems and projects--

Wait, what is this?

Someone is in his (yes, he sees it as his) lab, and there is confidential information on several screens. His first thought is that it's possibly Batman again, especially since he has likely finally found a way around the security measures Brainy has in place, but on the computers there, there are a few measures that should be beyond anyone without a working knowledge of 31st century programming and a solid lexicon of Interlac. He's so perturbed by this that he doesn't check his omnicom when it silently has a notice pop up on his screen identifying that a Legion ring has been detected in the area...

Brainy floats around a piece of equipment and snags the chair of the individual sitting at one of the lab computers to turn it around.

"Whoever you are, cease and desist your covert activities immediately--"
31st-Dec-2009 03:13 pm - Good-will Toward Men
There is a whole world out there to spread holiday joy to. A world of flying cars, and massive towering skyscrapers, of quiet, cold deserts, of snow-covered cities. Everyone in it is either holed up in their homes, hooked into the Links, the network run by Macrohard, abstaining from human contact, or they're poor and destitute, in the streets, and in parts of the world that are ailing right now.

Some of them are due to stop in on specific parts of the world during their journeys. Others are just going to be show generosity to anyone they meet. Every angle has to be covered, every holiday that celebrates generosity and unity, to help stoke the fires and revive the Holiday Spirit.

Pick a place, Meatcrew. Grab some crewmates to help. Make some noise and entice people to leave their VR sets and come outside with their fellow man.

With the magical sacks, containing last of the Spirit's power, they can give anything that's wanted OR needed to the people of this world, and with the enchanted flying cars, they can get anywhere in the world to do it, in no time.

[ooc: Special holiday groups, tag your assigned subthreads (and keeping them in one thread would likely be best, since those groups are small). Whoever feels creative can pick an exact location and set up details--we wanted to give you some freedom to have your characters find where to go. Anyone else, doing Christmas or general gift-giving, tag and make new subthreads for each situation of gift-giving. These can stand alone as vignettes, but we encourage everyone to thread-hop and tag in to random threads. Don't worry about the organization of groups, they'll probably be switching groups all over the place throughout the night.]
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