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8th-Jun-2012 01:49 pm - Nuke it smarter, not harder [Open]
Outside the Sensorium, a large floating sign proclaimed in large text:


A helpful magic mouth also repeated these words verbally to those who drew close, a necessary sop to potential issues of translation (or literacy). Despite this ungainly addition tio the illusory sign, Aibghalien was pleased with his idea.

Such thoughts had fallen far to the back of his mind, however, as in the Sensorium he had created a fourfold simulated environment. One quadrant, which the door opened onto, consisted of his tower laboratory from his days as a regent, with tables of magical and alchemical apparatuses set up in various states of use or disarray. The next quarter clockwise was a battlefield, with two armies clashing in a seemingly perpetual state of conflict. Continuing around, in the third quadrant, a group of orogs shuffled aimlessly around a dungeon hallway in exactly the manner one would assume orogs would shuffle about while waiting for adventurers to burst in on them in their otherwise empty and joyless 20x20 dungeon room. Finally, in the fourth quadrant stood Aibghalien, dispassionately deploy a mighty gout of fire from his hands into a swarming mass of Kessek.

“Pause,” he said out loud – not necessary, but Aibghalien found it helpful to set deliberate barriers between his general mental thought processes and the commands he intended to give the sensorium. The image froze in the midst of the fire impacting the Kessek armor. Nodding to himself, Aibghalien stepped forward to examine the intersection of attack and defense, analyzing the impact with the intent of improving it.
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11th-May-2012 09:46 pm - Puzzle Box [closed]
Neuropathy sat to one side of Engingeering, dark save for the blue glow of the monitors on all sides displaying brainwaves and technical readouts. Above, trolleys hanging from the framework are sillouetted against the sporadic glow of neurons firing like so many shooting stars. Those who have never been to this area before might wonder why they've never bothered, but to those who have it's just another day at the office.
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11th-Apr-2012 10:36 am - Welcome, All Ye Magickians [Open]
Though he hadn't made any formal statements yet, Aibghalien made no secret of the fact that he intended to propose moving the Magic Department's headquarters to this building. As elegant and useful as the Jedi Temple was, he still had no idea what a Jedi was nor how it related to magic or the supernatural. But this building... This building was built for magic.

Already he found more and more excuses to come here, to the point that his old office and lab were practically abandoned these days. So a person who had interest in joining the department, or who simply wished to consult with him on a matter of magic, could find him there most readily, doing paperwork at his desk or examining some curious item to figure out what made it tick.

[Especially for new crew members interested in joining the department, but open to all!]
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27th-Mar-2012 10:19 am - Art, in fact?
In the Tower of High Sorcery, those ertswhile examiners of items magical and mystical would find a score or so of opportunities to put their knowledge and reason to the test -- provided, of course, that they got the proper permission from Aibghalien, who was even now pondering a horn made of brass, but shaped like one from a ram's head...

[OOC: If you want to handwave the permission process, just post to the Examination thread and I'll pick somethin' for ya!]
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20th-Mar-2012 02:38 pm - Spy Team #1 [Closed]
[OOC: sorry this is late, guys!]

For the most part, since the Punishment fiasco, the Daligig have been keeping themselves to the restricted areas of the ship, away from the prying eyes of the crew. But while they spend a good deal of time in places the crew literally can't access, they do venture into places the crew just might not expect them to be, as well.

Currently, a group of low-ranking Daligig are taking some readings on the damage SHODAN did to the pod caverns, making lists for their private records of the deceased - and taking samples from the crusted fluids still in the mutilated pods. What they plan to do with these samples is unknown, but they are doing some chatting amongst themselves.
15th-Mar-2012 11:12 am - Portal network initiations [Open]
Celena had been moving at a near non-stop pace for the last few weeks, when the shore leave had rocked around she had increased the pace again, dividing some of her time away from the reconstruction to collect a significant amount of supplies from the planet below as well as to monitor the situation with the potential rebellion.

Now however she was focused on the opportunity that she had been waiting for, the initiation of the Gateway network that would aid with transportation throughout the ship. At that current moment she looked over each of the ten gates that would form the initial network, checking over each gateway device in turn. Each device looking near identical to her initial Gateway pair, the smooth grey base plates inlaid with the crystals that would power them. The gate crystals of each spinning idly in a tight vertical circle above an indentation in the base plate below. To the right of each a holographic display panel projected from a raised pillar off to the side of the base showed the status of each of gate in question, and once connected would allow crew members to select the gate to which they wished to travel.

With checks underway she waited for others to show up and to wait for Rhiow, ready to assist with the construction of the Catenary should she be required.

(OOC: Feel free to come and have your character help out, or even watch or chat with Celena)
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6th-Feb-2012 08:07 pm - A wizard's work is never done [Open]
Finding Aibghalien was never too difficult, if one simply set about the task.

Most of the time, he was doing Department business, either in his office in the Jedi Temple, which he used for research, study, and paperwork; or in the Tower of High Sorcery, where he spent a great deal of time in more practical matters.

For the most part, he had abandoned the use of his private laboratory except for certain private researches and experiments that he spoke to very people about. Instead, he encouraged people to seek him out at his more common and public haunts... and recently he had indeed been encouraging that. He'd made no secret of his intentions to propose a departmental restructuring... nor of his desire to hear feedback and input on the problem.

So if you wanted to speak to the wizard in his role as Loyal Crewmember, that was easy.

On the other hand... if one were to keep their eyes skyward in the City, eventually they would spot a blue-marked dragon swooping overheard, taking his relaxation where he found it. If one was so inclined, catching his attention was easy enough... and perhaps you might even get a word or two out of him that wasn't directly related to magic or the department, if you tried.
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One of the Sensoriums is active. Inside it's been made to look like a spacious office. A whole wall of windows opens up on a bright but indistinct cityscape. The decor is sleek and modern, though the predominant black and white with no color is perhaps a bit too stark. Some absolutely untouched-looking books sit on a shelf and a plant that is far too green to be real sits in the window collecting dust. There are barely audible stirrings of bad office muzak that are not entirely blocked out by the walls. It's all very sterile and feels off, like it's been put together by someone with a precise list of things that an office is but no understanding of what it's like to be in one.

Suspended over the desk is a gigantic robot.

It glares balefully at anyone who looks in. Or at least it seems to, thanks to that yellow "eye" in its "face".

"Oh. Hello. Come in. Make yourself at home," GLaDOS says. Under her attempt at a flat tone is the faintest hint of resentment.

She does not want to be here. At all.
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26th-Nov-2011 07:08 pm - Under Siege Part 3
The battle had raged for three days with the occasional lull, and there was still no sign of Baron Raleigh and reinforcements. There had been heavy casualties on both sides; King Demetrius's forces had been cut in half, but that still left Nasat outnumbered two to one.

Things were about to change, though.

[OOC: The Spy's Report is now open!]
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20th-Nov-2011 05:04 pm - Under Siege Part 2
The previous night, the team had learned the details of the situation. King Demetrius Fenley had once been a fair but strict ruler. Three years ago, he had acquired a new advisor, a beautiful woman named Diana Wynnthrope, who came from a small nation on the other side of the mountains. The changes were subtle at first, with the king becoming more suspicious of others’ intentions and enacting harsher laws.

Baron Archand had noticed these changes, and had spoken up about the new laws. He had always respected his king. What had happened?

Nasat was located near a mine that produced precious gems and metals for the kingdom. King Demetrius had become convinced somehow that the town was not paying its fair share of taxes, and accused the baron of hoarding said gems and metals to fund an army and take the crown. Archand had done everything in his power to refute the false claims, but to no avail. So, with word that the king was sending an army to seize the rebellious town, he had sent for aid from his friend Baron Raleigh in Pertus. Raleigh had readily agreed, also being uncomfortable with the new laws, and was further seeking the help of the bronze dragons (bronze dragons that looked exactly like Crucible) in the nearby mountains he had his own alliance with. Unfortunately, Raleigh’s troops would not reach Nasat before King Demetrius’s.

It was impossible to find a person in Nasat that wasn't helping to prepare for battle in some way. Even the children were busy, packing food and clothing for evacuation and carrying supplies to and from for the adults.

There was an entire section of the town dedicated to the creation of weapons and armor: women making arrows, blacksmiths forging blades and breastplates, and engineers building siege engines. Oil was being gathered, along with firewood, and a fire brigade was sent out to place buckets of water in strategic locations throughout the town. Mages gathered and shared their spell components with each other.

Nasat was clearly a town where everyone was used to helping their neighbors, and happy to do so.

Baron Archand was not adverse to getting a little dirty and helping out himself, either. While making his rounds, he worked the bellows for the master blacksmith for a few minutes, chatted with a group of older ladies while fletching arrows, and dug one of the holes for a wooden spike with a shovel.

Sentries had reported that King Demetrius's forces would arrive the next day, and there was much more work to be done.

[OOC: Backtagging in the previous post is definitely okay and encouraged! The next post will be going up on November 26th.

Feel free to NPC the townspeople in the first subthread! You can be creative with how your characters help with preparations, too, so have fun with it!

All subthreads are open!]
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15th-Nov-2011 07:48 pm - Under Siege Part 1
||Attention, Attention. The following personnel please report to the Observation Deck. Attention, Attention. The following personnel please report to the Observation Deck.

Personnel )
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20th-Oct-2011 11:58 am - Magic and Mystical: Interviews
Nothing felt quite so good as to have a project on its way. If this one features slightly less graphical and arbitrary annihilation of all sense and reason to the universe so that his will and desires may stand paramount in all creation, it's no less important or relevant for all that.

Aibghalien has set aside a few of what appear to be practice areas for interviews and assessments, hoping these are large enough to use for any demonstrations necessary. If not, the courtyard outside allows plenty of space for particularly pyrotechnical displays.

[OOC: Those willing to help interview may start their own threads for people to comment on (but Abby would like to get your own lists!) If your character would have come, but you aren't able to thread it out for any reason, just put the information in the Handwaved thread for later compilation.]
Several significant data reports were still trickling in, and already Billy's overworked mind knew one thing: this workload was going to be one of his least favorites. Overwhelming, exhausting, sometimes confusing, and with the pressure of time attached as well. Stacy could simply not be relied upon to give the crew a break, and thus they needed to be prepared for a battle like that again. As soon as possible. But how soon was that? Today's meeting's purpose was to make it as soon as possible.

On the board against one wall of the lab, he threw up a starting list of repairs that needed to be made. All the significant weapons and armor that had been turned in, important communications equipment, crew items requiring immediate attention for that person's full functionality, the most often used generic vehicles, and the specialty/personally owned vehicles. That group would be the easiest to select, he hoped.

How easy or difficult this would be would not be fully known until he saw a spread of who was assisting, and how many. Could they complete everything fast enough for the crew's satisfaction? That would be the main worry from here on out.

Billy was almost relieved when they started trickling in. As he waved, not quite as energetically as usual, they might notice one or two signs of the battle. His movements didn't look quite as easy as before, some trace of pain still behind them, and a long bandage now tied around his forehead. Some would look better, some would look worse. He sincerely wished to see more of the former than the latter.

They needed all the healthy help they could get.
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28th-Aug-2011 10:53 pm - Holes and Patches [OPEN FREE FOR ALL]
After the battle, the warriors' task was over. Their job, for now, was to rest and recover for the time being.

The healers' job, on the other hand, was far from over. Some exhausted from the battle, others rotating in, they took to their bay and continued the process of treating the wounded. Some patients were free to leave in a few minutes, while others would have some time (or quite some time) on the cots. Their mission: relax. Stay as still as possible.

Unfortunately, the temptation of so many familiar faces alive and about would ultimately prove to be too great. Keeping track of this group was going to be a third task all its own.

[this is a free for all for all your injured! Have them socialize, be thorns in the medics' side, try to escape, or bring the medics together for some action. Just note in your post if you'd like a medic to visit your character---if not, it's time for a chat!]
22nd-Aug-2011 11:46 pm - It's The Final Countdown
This was it. Endgame. The crux of the battle, the turning point, those crucial moments that would decide if the crew won or lost, that would decide if the Ohm would reign victorious or go running with their chitinous tails between their legs.

Did the crew have enough grit to win? Could they defeat a full Ohm fighting force?

With the flagging confidence of the GIA forces, it'd be up to the crew to turn the tide.

And one of the crew would pay the ultimate price to make sure the others walked away alive.

[ooc: everything is up!]
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13th-Aug-2011 01:21 am - Lirath - Ground Battle
 After dropping off some of the crew at Balisair, it was time for the crew to set course for Lirath. The situation greeting them wasn't the most promising.

The cracked surface of the moon called Lirath was one of its most unmistakeable features. One of the three moons of the planet Kehoe, it had been terraformed and served as a settlement for a hundreds of different species, some humanoid, some not. Despite occasional class struggles, environmental issues, and speciesism blocking their way, the darker parts of Lirath's past were largely left behind, and an era of peace and tolerance had reigned for quite some time. The only problems they'd had recently were with a terrorist group whose cause for their actions had been a mystery, but they weren't tied to any particular species or social group and had been likened to a cult and had largely gone quiet in recent years.

Now the peace on the moon of Lirath had been shattered by the invasion of the Ohm.

The capital city had been destroyed. Now, all that was left of the peoples of Lirath was evacuating from one of its smaller cities, one known as Smyteval. A desert city, existing in a valley in between a rocky range of canyons and mountains, even though it was in the low ground, the natural channels of rock served as bottlenecks for any Ohm attacking from the ground.

GIA squadrons patrolled in space, locked in explosive warfare, protecting the Bleed-gate that had been activated to see the evacuated ships to the refugee world, and a shield created by massively-powerful shield generators extended around the city and up into the atmosphere, creating a shielded tunnel so ships could escape.

Word had come that there was a vital weapon to be deployed on Lirath, one that needed to be destroyed, hence why the Transmigration 9 had been called in. Given the diverse crew, and the ships that were in its hangar, there was at least someone or something on board that could blow the weapon up if it did show.

There was no sign of it yet. Right now, there was just chaos, streams of evacuees boarding ships, armies of Ohm engaged with GIA soldiers outside the shields, and forcefields that everyone hoped would hold out just a little bit longer.

The crew would be following Leon's orders but finding themselves fighting side-by-side with GIA platoons, full of various species that were currently all getting their asses kicked severely.

[ooc: STAGE 1 is now open! Please do not tage STAGE 2 until it's announced as open as well.]

[ooc: STAGE 2 is now open!]
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12th-Aug-2011 09:19 pm - Lirath - The Coming Storm
 After receiving the warning the Tapestry had provided them, along the order to begin preparations from Councillor Kang, the crew had been getting ready for upcoming combat with the Ohm.

Unfortunately, the rather vague nature of the warning they received meant they had no particular way of knowing exactly when this battle would occur. Understandably, this put some of the crew on edge, but at the very least they had some prior warning that they would be facing the Ohm, rather than being thrown blind into such a dangerous situation. Combat drills, vehicle maintenance and armory inspections seemed to be regular sights for the week or so following Kang's message. Not much time to prepare, but the crew worked with what was given to them.

Eventually, however, the call came.

||Alert, Alert,|| Stacy called out throughout the ship, ||Priority One message from GIA High Command. All crew members please report to the Obs Deck. Repeat, Priority One message from GIA High Command, All crew members please report to the Obs Deck...||

Stacy kept repeating the message over and over until the crew began making their way towards the Obs Deck to receive the message.

[ooc: As implied by the post, we're assuming the crew's ICly had a one-to-two week heads-up about the battle. It was supposed to be played out, but RL timing prevented this from working out. Feel free to come up with the details of your character's preparations on your own

Also, as usual, please wait for subthreads to go up before tagging in.

Edit: It's up! Feel free to start tagging in!]
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Taking some time from other projects, Celena had once more brought down her Paired Gate device down to the park in an attempt to work on a number of issues of the operation of the device while in the Bleed. After all if a stable gate could be established, even for short periods of time, it could make for quick travel about the city and about the ship in general.

Thus in her usual draconic form she had set herself before the primary end of the gate device in the middle of a large clearing in the park, with the secondary portion of the device not a hundred feet away. After some time in pondering the problem she had decided to take a break from her work. Locking the device down she stretched herself out and padded away to wander the park for a short while before taking off to stretch her wings. Keeping her general flight path around the vicinity of the park itself.

[OOC: Feel free to run into her at any point, whether while she's working on the device, wandering the park or even flying around overhead!]
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2nd-Aug-2011 04:08 pm - Dearly Beloved...
The City didn't have weather as most people knew it, but it was nonetheless a beautiful day - warm weather with a nice breeze, Stacy's sun-equivalent shining in the sky... almost as if it was reflecting the emotions of at least one of the ship's crew. In the middle of the Park, someone had set up a little white lattice archway amongst the hedgerows, decorated with ivy and roses and lilies that looked remarkably real (if they were, in fact, synthetic). In front of the arch were several rows of white chairs, more than enough for anyone who cared to show up.

It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

And frankly, Nanoha needed it. After the chaos and confusion; the rage and terror on Galilee... she didn't think she could ever forget that horrible sense of loss and emptiness when she'd thought that Fate was gone, if only for a day or so. But this would go a long way toward exorcising those demons - a day that she'd dreamed of for years.

Of course, she couldn't go greet anyone yet. She was in her wedding dress, after all! These things needed to be proper.

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28th-Jul-2011 06:27 pm - There's A New Overlord in Town [Open]
Pram had been very quiet for a while. She was one of the more quiet overlords as far as she knew, but she always made sure she made her appearances whenever she needed attention. She had her reasons for keeping quiet for the last month or so.

It didn't take long for her to find out Zetta was on board this ship. A brief moment of relief and happiness swept through the young overlord's mind when she found out, although it was immediately replaced with her usual mischievous personality to start plotting how to mess with her favorite 'plaything.' Never mind her worries of getting by the days without decent food or place for herself, she could just take over Zetta's place. Since he had been on this ship for a while, he's bound to have a castle of his own, right?

And that was what she exactly did. To her luck Zetta seemed like he had left for elsewhere for a while. With the "Most Badass Freaking Overlord" gone from his castle, it didn't take much for the self-entitled Oracle to take over. Really, all she did was just walk into the castle and sit down onto the throne.

So there she was, giggling to herself as she had one of Zetta's minions fan her while she continued to sit in the throne that was not her's. She was going to boast all she wanted about taking over Zetta's castle (while he was gone) as she had the other servants do a complete makeover of the castle and left the entrance open.

"Mwa ha ha ha ha...! Tee hee!"

[[OOC: It is a momentarily takeover of Zetta's castle with the mun's permission, and will end with Zetta getting his castle back. I do know the Cloneplot is still going on due to LJ being a butt, so I will say it is bendytimed to after the plot is over just in case. Feel free to have your muses come in and chat with this lolita Overlord?]]
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