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The surprising thing about Stacy was the Doctor hadn’t thought she couldn’t be more beautiful, in all her (sometimes) slimy, brilliant glory.

Then he saw her true face, right before she fought back with the rest of the crew.

Ah. So maybe he can be wrong from time to time, the Doctor finding that life on Stacy with the rebellion was easier in that you weren’t stumbling over Daligig or Kessek giving their impressive glowers, as if it was difficult not to just step on you and be done with (well, that and trying to avoid them when they decided enough was enough and it was far too long since they’d shot anything)…and then there was the clean-up. Considering how hard the Daligig had fought back, the Doctor had to say he expected far more casualties than Stacy’s crew had and this was probably the part where that voice in the back of his head bothering him with all sorts of things like niggling feelings.

It was probably telling him all sorts of annoyingly logical things, like in the end they probably should have been spacedust. He told it to shush.

The Doctor threw himself into trying to fix the TARDIS now that he had a second wind of sorts. With Stacy being twice as beautiful as before, the work was coming along much faster than before, now that she wasn’t resisting him. In fact, he’d go so far that she’d even given him advice – not that he’d be ready to admit to his companions that yes, the Doctor could at times need jiggery-pokery tips from a ship. At this rate, he thought he could actually tell Jamie, Barbara, Ian, Victoria and all his other friends a proper when instead of hedging around it and sending them on errands to get parts he didn’t even need. The Doctor roamed the halls of Stacy, sometimes in the hanger, sometimes rummaging about the City, picking his way through the damage and looking for anything that could stand in for an influx injector (or a toaster. A toaster would actually be better than a standard-issue injector!).

So yes. Right! The Doctor was in need of a toaster/influx injector. He just may temporarily kidnap anyone – or anything – he thought might be useful on that front.

[The Doctor will have met your character and kidnapped them for this. This is basically for characters okay with having somewhat short-term CR with Eleven (probably a few months OOCly?) and continuing CR )]
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7th-Apr-2012 06:08 pm - They call me a baby driver [Open]
Sirius's investigation of the ship had been haphazard at first. Now that he was working with Moony on a map of Stacy, he planned to fix that. The Hangar was well explored as far as he knew, but he had yet to go there himself. At first glance it looked simple enough. Lots of vehicles of all kinds, most unrecognizable to him. Their unfamiliarity made up for the lack of secret passages of any kind.

It wasn't until he reached a motorcycle that a strange thought passed his mind. He hadn't expected anything of his to be here. After Azkaban he was grateful just to have his wand. The fact that Stacy had given him the Marauder's Map, his mirror, and enchanted knife had been mind blowing at first. Now he wondered if there was something else Stacy brought from his world.

He walked faster and scanned the Hangar. It was a long while before there it was. A Triumph Bonneville T120 that belonged to one Sirius Black.

"Oh, baby." He ran his hands over the handle and then down her body. His fingers found several dents but the damage was minimal. He could fix that.

He straddled the motorcycle and held his breath as he turned the keys that were still in the ignition. The engine revved. The bike sprung to life. Sirius laughed.

"That's my girl." He pressed a button and kicked off into the air.

Nearly an hour later anyone walking around the City would see a strange sight. A man on a motorcycle soaring over them. The motorcycle's engines masked his laughter. But he was still laughing when he set her down on a road and let the engine rest. He stroked the handlebars lovingly.

"We've both still got it."
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14th-Dec-2011 02:36 pm - The Day That Physics Mattered
The last time Allenby had been snatched up by GLaDOS, she had quickly abandoned the AI's preferred agenda in favor of seeking her out to deliver a righteous beatdown. The second time, Allenby hadn't changed anything except to get started on that before hearing GLaDOS' instructions. She hopped walls and dodged flame-shooting floor panels in her quest to get to the computer and put a fist in her processors--her soul was attached to her just fine--and just as suddenly as before, she was in mid-air. Unlike before, she was in the Hangar and surrounded by hostile robots.

"Whoa!" Instinctively, she punched the first one in its banana-shaped head, wincing at the unexpected pain. The hell--bam! Whack! She grabbed another one and hurled it at some of its comrades, which were taking aim at her. It didn't go as far as she'd hoped... ducking and dodging between them and some nastier-looking big guys, she spotted what she was looking for. "Nobel Gundam! Let's go!" she yelled, and launched herself up towards the cockpit.

It became apparent about halfway up that, well, halfway was all the way this time. That made it certain. Something was wrong with her. Had GLaDOS done this? And what the hell were all these robots trying to kill her, anyway?!

It would be a lie to say that Allenby wasn't afraid as she started to drop. But she was too pissed off now to think about being scared. With a bloodcurdling roar, she slammed herself into a clump of battle-bots and went right back to work, trying to ignore the question of how long she'd be able to keep it up.
12th-Dec-2011 10:10 am - The Macross Quarter [Open/Safe Zone]
'Vadum had checked over the systems of his vessel once and again to ensure that no control had been lost during the initial outbreak of the situation at hand. He had locked down all non essential access ways to the Quarter, leaving only one leading to the hanger section of the massive vessel. The defensive batteries had been brought online, trained on anything that might have proven to enter the ship without his wish.

Standing on the bridge the Sangheili Captain looked out over the Hanger bay, sending a message over the communications systems to those stranded outside. The Quarter had a sufficient supply of weapons set in the on board armory, something he had been sure to stock with weapons sufficient arm all who needed it aboard his vessel, including a number of the GIA's plasma weapons.

In addition to weapons available on board, the vessel had sufficient crew quarters and food supplies to easily and comfortably house a good portion of the crew should it be required and that was not including the additional space the hangers, those areas not filled by the craft of Starfighter command.

[This video gives a look of some of the areas of the Quarter (Though it's not transforming), though theres' no set lay out as to particular areas.]
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10th-Dec-2011 10:52 pm - The Ptolemy [Open/Safe Zone]
Sumeragi was glad that despite it's outward appearance as a simple carrier, the Ptolemaios was, in fact, a war ship, and had both the physical and electronic defenses to match. It had taken an hour to dig up the hardcopies of the cryptographic verification scheme, another hour to actually run them and make sure VEDA hadn't been compromised by whatever had taken over everything else, and then another half an hour to get VEDA to verify the rest of the ship's systems. But they were safe.

The first thing she did after this was switch all the systems she could to manual access only, followed by locking down the bridge controls, the MS hangar, and the VEDA chamber. If she was going to invite strangers on board, she was going to be careful about it. But if the ship was clean, it would be safe - if it really came to it, they could try to cut their way out of the Hangar and drift in space until whatever this was cleared.

After a quick announcement on the comms about the ship's availability, she grabbed a rifle and went to go secure one of the airlocks, to let people in.

[Image refs: Exterior, Bridge, corridor 2, viewing room. No set layout to the ship!]
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10th-Dec-2011 02:42 pm - HANGER - TARDIS - Half-safe(ish) zone
The Doctor isn't there to open the doors of the old girl.

Not the the TARDIS needs him to.

It's only a few hours after the attack starts that the TARDIS doors suddenly open on their own, that golden light spilling out onto the hanger floor, almost as if beckoning any companions or would-be companions or maybe they just want to try on some adventuring on for size in a safe(ish) zone and maybe she isn't quite 100% safe, but there's still loads of hiding spots for anyone who happens to duck inside. The hum and drone of the TARDIS tries to entice any crew inside that can make it through her doors.

She does miss having people inside her. It's been so lonely and wrong in parts of her thanks to that horrid Time Lord rummaging around in her guts, so to speak. There's that angry little library storming about somewhere in the Southern(ish) hemisphere, looking for bones to chomp and a willing ear to listen to the Recital of the Three Mountains audio-drama at the same time. The dumbwaiter is bored to tears (if it had eyes) waiting for someone to cart to places. The bog of black water and the stench of smelly socks expands a few more rooms out from the Wardrobe. Out Somewhere Beyond, the Everything Forest lies about its name and gets a few more shades of mind-wiltingly boring, but might provide cover if you can stand that sort of thing (the Doctor can't).

And there's loads more rooms, undiscovered. The chances are out there in Stacy or possibly risking diving into the depths of the TARDIS.

[OOC; Basically the TARDIS is wide open for anyone who wants to explore her. :3 If you want to make up a room or trash another (just not console room please), go for it. It's probably going to be possible for the smaller droids to follow inside but it's a huge place, so yes]
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Erhart had been stalking around the Hangar for quite some time. The various ships interested him, as he went from ship to ship, analyzing each with the augmented mind of an Astartes. But then... he saw something strange. A flash of red. Something obscured by other ships, but now found to him. His hearts pound, and he runs toward it, clambering up the side of a larger mass-conveyance ship to find the half hidden thing.

A gunship, in the colors of his artistic brothers. The blood Angels. Heavily armed, and with a certain ferocity to it, like that of a predatory bird. He stares at this wonderful fruit of the Omnimessiah, unsure of what to do with it, who he should call. What he should do. Indeed, if he can do anything with it.

It was like a Thunderhawk, the steed his chapter rode to war in, only smaller, more agile. But so heavily armed it could only be a form of gunship. He crossed to it, touching the heraldry of the Blood Angels blazoned on the side with a reverent hand. "Dorn's blood!"
4th-Nov-2011 12:51 am - [ Open!! ]
Settling into a new home after life in the TARDIS was, Amy imagined, fairly hard for anyone who had ever traveled in the little blue box. Already she missed the space that the TARDIS offered, the amenities that always seemed to be right there when needed, the reliable people constantly in and out.

But she and Rory needed space, especially as a couple soon-to-be-wed, and while Amy was quite fond of the influence and diversity the Doctor and other companions brought to Molly’s life, a TARDIS, with all its halls and swimming pools, was not going to be the best of places when Molly began crawling. A smaller space would be better for the small family, at least for a little while.

It didn’t mean Amy was finished with her box just yet, though. Topsy-turvy as it was, she still returned to see just what of their leftover belongings she could find to bring to the new house. Today was one such trip. It wasn’t hard to find a babysitter for Molly, and her day had opened up just enough to allow a quick trip up to the TARDIS to check on things. With a few bags in hand--just in case something good had turned up since her last visit--Amy headed through the halls of Stacy toward the Hangar.

Time for some shopping.

[[ OoC: Feel free to encounter her anywhere between the City and the TARDIS. Just specify the place and maybe the time (catching her headed there or on the way back). ]]
So the name of the game today is – wait for it – Find Your Fire Exits Boys and Girls, and if Aeryn comes at him, John Crichton’s determined to be able to point her toward any ships for a fast getaway. Prove to her that things his way don’t always screw up. That he can do this without her hovering like some gun-toting babysitter.

A cycle ago it wouldn’t have even crossed his mind. These days it’s different.

He knows better.

The hanger he eventually stumbles upon is insanely huge. Like “huge” as in “he has a hard time processing it in one go” huge. It’s so big that he gets slightly dizzy just looking at the sheer size of it and John has to take a moment to really adjust and get down to business, swallowing and moving on. A lot of the ships he sees so far look so big that he imagines they probably can’t pilot it with a two man crew. So. Basically they need something smaller, and when he spots what looks like robot animals, John ducks his head and hurries past, not willing to put up with that growing question of if it’s one of those things he’s also getting flashes of. Like maybe that robot dragon isn’t there in reality. Maybe it’s just him. Maybe he’s cracking up.

It takes awhile and a glimpse of shuttle white that makes his heart flutter in his chest. He jogs without realizing it. John rounds the corner and there it is, the second most beautiful thing he’s seen recently aside from Aeryn Sun. His module. Good Ol’ Reliable.

John walks around Farscape One, ducking his head under one of the folded wings as he checks the ship out. It might not be top of the line out here. Maybe it’s equal to throwing rocks at someone with a pulse rifle. Doesn’t matter. It’s a little piece of Earth and she’s been through everything with him, no matter how much she’s cobbled together now with space duct tape. John runs a hand over that faded American flag, lost in thought.
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4th-Oct-2011 04:43 am - Back to Basics
Two scenarios here, pick your poison!

In the Hangar...

Sometime after podpop and the chaos that went with it, Simon found himself down in the hangar. He'd scrounged up a couple of rags, and some soap and water - Gurren and Lagann were here, but they were in good need of a cleaning. Well. More of a dusting and polishing, but if he's gonna go to that much trouble, he may as well go all-out, right? Simon and Boota both are working at it, with the little pigmole taking care of the details and crevices.

Anywhere, really. More locations, the better.

So, where-ever you are and whatever you're doing outside of a room or building, you spy an odd sight - a metal face with arms and legs, and an open head--with legs sprawled out of them. It's faint, but there's also a snoring sound coming from the thing. Simon's been exploring the ship, and once he got tired, he's parked Lagann somewhere out of the way in whichever area he stopped in and just zonked out in the open cockpit.
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2nd-Oct-2011 12:34 pm - A fixer-upper [OPEN]
Weeks had passed since the battle, but the Quarter's repairs were coming along at a crawl. Breeches in the hull were one of the most ticklish things to fix on a starship, and the Ohm's weapons had of course fried most of the circuitry and broken all of the conduits around the breech area. Working with salvaged materials as they did, it was an unfortunate fact that sometimes the fittings just... didn't fit.

"You yī dà tuó dàbiàn!" Wash shouted, hurling his spanner across the cramped area he had himself wedged into. It bounced around the inside of the space and fell clattering on the floor of the hanger. "Damn," he said, and started the process of extracting himself from his spot.
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26th-Sep-2011 11:38 pm - Sneakery
Zam Tolen hadn't been seen a whole lot around the ship. She had disappeared during Lirath and generally wasn't the most available though she was still hitting her Security patrols.

It was late at what passed for night on the ship, as she went to several places. Special Weapons was one place, where she was...building something. With no plans or references, just from her head.

The hangar was another place, where she was gutting a spaceship of certain pieces, shoulder deep in starship.

[ooc: She can be found at either place, just specify where she is.]
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Not long after Stacy's announcement and the reunion with one of his adopted daughters, the young brass dragon Smoke, Bight had made his way to the transportation tubes, young and excited dragon in tow to begin the tour of the ship he had spent months on already. After a short explanation of how the transportation tubes worked he had stepped on in. The pair of them whisked up through the tubes up to the only accessable level above the living quarters, the Hanger on Smoke's request.

It wasn't long before Bight stepped out of the transport tube, no doubt followed by the young dragon after her first trip through Stacy's onboard transportation system. The older dragon waiting only a moment to give Smoke time to recover before leading her down the short passage that soon opened out into the massive cavern that was the Hanger bay, the bay was easily miles long and filled with near any vehicle one could concieve of, from what looked like horses with wheels in place of their hind and fore leg motor bikes he'd been told, to much larger four winged flying vehicles that made up one of the  squadrons of Starfighter command, to the massive space faring vessel that took up a good portion of one end of the hanger bay, the flagship of Starfighter command, the Macross Quarter, a vessel over ten times as long as Crucible himself.

"Welcome Smoke, to the Hanger," He commented with his usual confident demeanor.

It was likely that the pair would not stay too long in the hanger bay itself, after all he had little doubt that Smoke would be eager to see any spot onboard ship, whether the City, Hydroponics or even wander the corridors themselves.

<small>((OOC: Feel free to run into Bight and Smoke in the Hanger, or anywhere onboard ship, as I've no doubt they'd go anywhere with the curiousity of a young dragon along with him! Just be sure to put the location of where the character would be running into them in the title!))</small>
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17th-Sep-2011 01:07 am - Expanding the Business [Closed]
Setsuna wasn't the type to wear his heart on his sleeve. Most people would probably even wonder if he had a heart, half the time. But he did, even if he rarely did show it. And he might be slow with people, but given enough time, he could figure them out.

Now that most of his memories were back in order, he was able to figure out what Fledt had been trying to tell him all this time. The thought brought a frown to his lips, however. Not because of what she had been trying to say, but that he wouldn't be able to her that he finally understood.

Feldt was gone now, sent back to the pod caverns. Apparently, even here, fate decreed that they would be apart. Which is why Setsuna standing on the bridge of the Ptolemy, next to the chair that Feldt had occupied for years, his usual stoic mask cracked into a slightly sad/forlorn expression.

Well, that wasn't the only reason he was there. There was something he needed to discuss with the Ptolemy's commander. He just... got stuck looking at that empty chair while he waited for Miss Sumeragi to show up.
14th-Sep-2011 12:16 am - A Boy And His Robot Dinosaur
Vega, like many long-absent crew members, had important things to do when he woke up. Some would have gone to family and friends, inspected their living spaces for tampering, or chased after important ship news.

Vega checked on his Zoid.

He knew it was aware of him from the moment he stepped into the hangar. It was hard to say how he knew, but he felt it. The Berserk Fury had its attention focused on him and it was like a subtle, watching pressure that was difficult to describe. It only gained strength as he approached.

Vega peered up toward the Zoid's head, shadowed in the upper reaches its unlit hangar bay.

"Hi, Fury."

The red "eyes", really windows into the Zoid's cockpit, lit. Vega palmed the nearby control panel to bring up the lights and uncoil the carapaced walkway that would let him get up to the head and examine the consoles there.

The Zoid had missed him. He had been gone, and the Fury had been upset.

"It's okay, I'm back now!"

But he could tell it didn't entirely believe him. What if he left again?
9th-Sep-2011 01:53 am - FIX ALL THE THINGS! [Open]
Lowe couldn't help but feel like a part of him died when he saw the mess inside the Hangar. It looked like a war zone tore through the area... which it did, what with a variety of Ohm parts still scattered across. A lot of the damage was easily fixable, thankfully. However, he had to write off a ZAKU that was cleaved in half along with a forklift that was destroyed the same way. There was also that one Variable Fighter that was destroyed in the space battle...

The Junk Guild tech couldn't help but let out a defeated sigh. He wanted to find the people who decided tossing ZAKUs and forklifts at bad guys was a good idea, especially those who could do what they did to the thrown items.

He did make mental notes of what could be salvaged from the unfixable items, though. Best not to let these things go to waste, eh?

Now, it was just a matter of getting it all fixed up.
After learning from Allenby herself that Zetta was outside on the ship, Lash hadn't wasted time going to the armory and getting Thorn Armor so she'd be able to survive outside, cursing the dumb people (Allenby) who threw team members like it was going out of style. What kind of plan was that? That sounded like something SHE should be doing! Just probably not with Zetta or people she cared--HAD FUN WITH.

It hadn't taken too long for her to converse with Stacy (arguing about her own safety and saying she'd be fine) about the ship's estimate as to the floating book's whereabouts. Thankfully close to the hanger, she was adjusting to using the armor as she continued to run there - still testing out its capacity, unused to it as often as her normal one due to how easily it reacted with her nervous system. No need to covering her head until she got to the hanger either - least someone pass by and not realize who it was. Her pace was slowed down by the wound on her side and the pain in her entire body. Still patched up, she hadn't returned to the ward yet, but the the suit that was quickly covering her body would soon make it hard to see that there seemed to be a bit of new blood seeping she bit her lip and just continued. Black Hole Commanding Officers did not flinch in the face of stupid flesh wounds, after all.

The faster she got the big red demonic book out of space and into the spaceship, the better.

[OOC - The first part is open to those who want to stop her and/or encourage her. The 2nd part is those that want to join her, but it's limited to a few people (Allenby, Starfire, Hit Girl and Ruffnut if they want so far, PM me if you're interested) they'll also probably need Thorn Armor unless they can go into space normally]
10th-Aug-2011 02:08 am - Hanger - TARDIS
[Takes place right after clone plot and arriving back on Stacy. After there]

“First sharks and now explosions!” The Doctor held up his ruined sonic screwdriver and turned it in the light. “I’ll have to proof against both, I suppose.”

He crossed the Hanger in long strides, expecting Otter Soother Daniel Jackson to keep up. Daniel had held himself rather well during the whole clone thing and what was more, he even saved his sonic for him! The Doctor found himself feeling rather fond of the human right this moment. Good man! Resourceful! But also being annoyingly close-mouthed about what he might have picked up from that encounter with the Other Doctor, which was surprising because he thought he knew humans and if there was anything he learned from all his time amongst them, it was they loved talking almost as much as he did! Questions in particular were their favorite, no matter how obvious or rhetorical or downright silly. Big big fan of the obvious questions. Basically they were a chatty species.

Part of the reason why he’d asked Daniel to come with him to the TARDIS.

If he was lucky, Daniel would tell him what he’d seen from that clone on his own, given enough time and company.

The Doctor was tucking the sonic back into his pocket when they came into sight of the TARDIS. He only paused for the briefest of beats as he took in the fact the old girl’s doors were wide open, positively gaping open! This wasn’t looking very looked out after and he wondered if maybe Jamie’s memory retention was failing thanks to him being an ex-dead man. Clearly the human needed a talking to! He approached cautiously, poking his head inside.

Everything in the console room looked in order, if you ignored the suspicious trail of foam cups leading away from the door and a few minute scratches on the glass which he knew for a fact hadn’t been there since he last checked. The Doctor’s lips pursed as he peered about, head weaving as he checked under the control console and then straightened. Where was Jamie? In fact, where were the rest of his friends?

“Better have a look around,” the Doctor lied, perhaps too cheerfully. “Long time away from home and I’m afraid River’s gone and organized things. I’m very specific on my organization system, I’ll have you know.”

He made a vague shooing motion at Daniel.

((So basically this is thread two, with the Doctor/Daniel/Rory jumping into a TARDIS taken over by the Master. Since the Master can switch up rooms (up to the players in the threads for what's wrong with the rooms) and trap people/shift people around, I guess assume timey-wimey things to allow different characters to stumble into each other? But yeah, I guess do subthreads for characters stumbling and we can subthread different people running into them.

I think we're looking at people in the TARDIS as: Victoria, Martha, The Master, River, Jamie, Doctor, Daniel, Rory, Amy, Eva. If I missed anyone, poke me!))
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2nd-Aug-2011 02:46 am - shit let's be secretive. [CLOSED]
Tieria stared absentmindedly at the memory stick held loosely between his fingers as he stood with his back against the catwalk railing. Behind him towered a battle scarred Seravee.

This data… Setsuna will be pleased. He surmised wordlessly with the ghost of a smile threatening to warm his stern expression. After all, why wouldn't his fanatical colleague be delighted (in his own, stoic manner, of course) at the possibility of a new mobile suit? Beneath three, preemptive layers of firewall, the documents containing the blueprints for not one, but four possible Gundams were contained in the very memory stick he now had clutched against his palm.

This would certainly give them the advantage against their alien adversary… even though Celestial Being continued to be decidedly undecided about their relationship with the Ohm. Was 'enemy' really the only category they belonged in?

However, this information wasn't the only thing Tieria had found while he'd been diving into the digital sea of Veda's databanks, and he's certain their tactical forecaster had been the catalyst for its arrival.
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