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6th-Jun-2012 08:12 pm - Fallout (Bendytimed Pre-Rebellion)
Brenda moved with slow steps down the halls of the crew quarters. Her whole body ached, screaming at her for the marathon she'd forced it through only a few hours ago, but her mind was still too loud to let her just lay down and sleep.

There were dozens of images she couldn't hope to wipe from her mind, a hundred tiny questions about what would happen now and what she should do from here ringing in her ears, and on top of all of it Querl was shutting out visitors. It left her terrified and numb all at once. Not being able to see him, to know he was alright after everything, just made her chest ache but she was too tired to muster the fit of rage she wanted to throw, too overwhelmed and emotionally raw to try to talk to him even if she could see him, probably...

She rubbed at her eyes as she turned the last corner on her route. Once medical had released her she had begun walking without a second thought, remembering the way with remarkable clarity for how long it had been since she'd made the trip.

Brenda lifted her left hand for three quick knocks on Paco's door, her right shoulder still sore from being overworked. She was sure she looked a wreck, hair barely brushed, thin and bruised and bag-eyed. Belatedly, she wondered if she should have sent him a warning message first instead of just showing up to see him looking at least half as bad as she felt. She'd never liked coming to him injured and upset back when they were in school, doing it again now was more than a touch painful.

The door slid open and Brenda forced an awkward smile to her face to keep the tears welling up at bay. Actually seeing him in front of her, close enough to touch, hit her like a brick in the chest.

"Hey you." she managed after a second. "Miss me?"
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Clef felt a little awkward about showing a lady to his bedroom, though if pressed about it he would have feigned complete ignorance of any suggestive implications. The reality was that they needed somewhere private to talk right now, and this was the only place he had.

"Make yourself at home," he said as they entered.
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31st-Aug-2011 09:19 pm - Code of Honor [Closed]
Doc didn't exactly have visitors to his room often but neither did he have very many possessions cluttering up his space so waiting for Jaime to come down to meet him didn't involve much neatening. It did involve getting out some of his precious stockpile of real snacks, though.

It seemed like a good idea given the kind of conversation he suspected he was about to have. People with a lot on their minds had a lot to say and that often involved getting hungry. Deep conversations were just best done with snacks on hand.

He found himself waiting in the doorway by the time Jaime appeared in the hall, giving him a wan smiled through the mask and a relaxed wave hello.

"Hey there."

Jeez, the kid really did look rough. He had the air of a man who couldn't sleep without being plauged by nightmares...

"Come on in."
After responding to the post on the omnicomm Cassie spent several minutes just shaking, waiting for another response that didn't come. Then she started for her room, at first walking but then running. She was crying before she even got there and the moment she stepped in the room she slammed the door close and leaned back against it, slowly sliding down until she was huddled with her legs pressed against her body.

It was too familiar. A desperate call over the omnicomms- something she herself had done when she was trapped on the Helmacron ship. No one even knew she was there and being tortured. Just like no one had known that this person and someone else was...

It was too much. She'd tried so hard not to think about what had happened. But now she knew it was happening to someone else she couldn't- she just couldn't...
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10th-Jun-2011 04:11 am - Some discoveries [closed]
After everything that happened, especially the events that had just transpired in the med bay, Tim had been doing some investigative work. Because while perhaps the danger was over, there were certainly still some underlying issues-- what had happened to the power, for example, as well as investigating the delay for backup power (something that needed to certainly be righted for the future). Tim certainly didn't trust the timing of an inexplicable power failure.

It turned out he had been right to. He wasn't happy with what he had found.

He almost didn't want to tell Conner about it, but he deserved to know, at least. Tim would find a way to address the issue himself, without causing more problems. For now, though, he had to talk to his friend.

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26th-Apr-2011 05:40 pm - Are You a Good Witch, or Bad Witch?

There was a little girl wandering the halls of the crew quarters, very, very carefully. She knew where she was, at least, but there were things she couldn't make heads or tails of. None of the clothing in her drawers at fit, and the alien dog that had been in the room with her had nearly licked her face off (and then started in on a pile of books she was pretty sure she should be unhappy about him chewing on). So, the little girl had left the room that was obviously not hers and started looking for someone, or something, familiar.

For instance: where were her parents? Not the ones she was calling Mommy and Daddy, but her real parents. She peeked around hallways and slipped past doors on tiny feet.

"Mommy? Mommy, where are you?" When Annette didn't immediately reveal herself, Sherry felt her lips quiver. "Mommy? Mooooooooooommy." Sherry snuffled and shuffled her feet. Well, if Annette wasn't going to come rushing around a corner to find her, then she'd just have to go find her other mother.

"Other Mommy! Claire!"
19th-Mar-2011 04:51 pm
"YAAAAAHoh crap!"

Allenby found herself, somewhat unexpectedly, ten feet above the ground. Trust that damn computer lady to spit her out in a position like this! After a millisecond of mid-air flailing, she managed to land unceremoniously on her backside.

No sooner had she touched down than Allenby was back on her feet and launching herself towards the wall she'd just hurtled out of. "No you don't!--dammit!" She pounded her fist on the spot where the portal had been a moment ago. "Yeah well, you better keep that thing shut if ya know what's good for you! If I get back in there I'll find you this time and pound you into circuits, got it?!"

At the moment, figuring out where she was (which happened to be crew quarters) or how long she'd been running mazes was secondary to giving GLaDOS a piece of her mind.
2nd-Feb-2011 11:14 am - Room-mates?
Lister sort of liked the little nostril-beds. They were comfortable, even if Stacey had a bad habit of throwing you out of them when she thought that you had slept enough.

But the bed that he's looking at now looks just as comfy, and it actually has clean sheets on it! And it's in it's own little room where he can actually leave his socks on the floor!

Happily, Lister throws his hat onto the other bed, flops down, and stretches out at his length. Ahhh, contentment.
24th-Jan-2011 11:04 pm
For Iniss, the past few weeks had passed in a haze. Like living in the pool, traveling between worlds. He existed, and that was all.

It was better than the alternative, as vulnerable as he was in this state, he was lucky he wasn't dead. But his enclosure has been fully explored, he wasn't in the pool. He was in something small and vaguely round.

His experience on earth suggested a fish tank, or at least something small and glass.

He was fairly certain it was glass, and also that whatever had him had figured out that he needed to be fed.

Oh crap.

Something was in the water. Something that wasn't an ear. Something, he assumed, that was large and strong and more than capable of crushing him in this state.

Oh crap.
4th-Jan-2011 05:52 pm
Nura and Reimi's quarters could be described as bringing two opposites together.

While Reimi's side was much more neat and orderly, Nura's was covered in things just placed haphazardly somewhere and kept there because she didn't want to move it. For instance, there was a stack of books by her bed, that had first started out as her leaving Frankenstein there whenever she went to sleep, until she got more books and it suddenly became a pile.

The same went for the piles of papers near the foot of the bed with the pens sitting on top, with only one of Nura's shoes to hold it down on one pile, and her wrench from Reimi and the Diagnostic Pad on the others.

Then there was the piles of dirty clothes in the corners that needed to be washed on Friday, which was Nura's laundry day, with lights, whites, and darks, all in separate piles.

It was amazing that Querl didn't trip on anything when Nura had pulled him into the quarters.
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13th-Nov-2010 01:16 am - [Closed]
 Alex was sitting on his bed, for once not at his computer. Instead he had a journal in hand and was writing in it furiously.

It wasn't something he had been keeping daily, or even near daily, but he was keeping it when things that mattered happened on this ship.

This was something that mattered.

He didn't know what was being done to Big Zero, as he found out her name was, but the response that was flooding the comms gave him the impression that it was something that he wouldn't remember even if he had been there to see it. At least there was outrage though, with all of the people who had stayed to watch, like it had been some sort of show.

Including Tavros. He hadn't expected Tavros to be the sort that would want to see someone be tortured. 
1st-Nov-2010 06:12 pm - Babysitting Fun! [Closed]
Luis owed him big for this.

Kang had had very little experience dealing with human children before, and all but one of those times had involved him and/or his regiment killing them, during the war. And Sherry, he knew, was frightened of him; he couldn't really blame her for that. He knew how intimidating he looked to other races.

Hopefully this wouldn't be as awkward as he was expecting. He had his sword and his battle-axe on him, just in case, as he moved through the City, paying close attention to his surroundings. As he got closer to where Sherry had said she'd be, he put said battle-axe back in the harness between his wings so as to not alarm her, "Sherry? It's Kang."
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24th-Oct-2010 11:52 pm - Taken by Nargles? [Closed]
It was rather disconcerting, she supposes, to wake up on the floor of the ship, naked and covered in what honestly looked and felt like dragon bogies again, but Luna has always been quick to recover. Consequently, it is a scant half-hour since she has come out of her abrupt podsleep when she steps into the hall outside her room, clothed in her new favorite dress--a gift from Katara--her feet bare once again.

As she pads the path to the room by the Media Library, she hums almost tunelessly, eyes on the ceiling as per usual. She stops in front of a specific door, and knocks in a rather peculiar way in order to make it heard against the...squishy door.

As she waits, she starts humming again.
24th-Oct-2010 12:35 am - [Closed]
Danny, once again arriving back in the room after a long day of Rogue Squadron training. He collapsed on his bed without bothering to remove his flight-suit, waking Cujo, who leaped on to the bed, and licked at the ghost-boy's face.

"No boy, donw! Down1" Danny groaned and batted at the dog's head.
23rd-Oct-2010 11:45 pm - Dormouse
 The strange dog-like creature had done quite the good job of guarding Alice, but she didn't want to be guarded- she wanted to find Alex and figure out what was wrong. Why did he leave? Where did he go? Was he hurt?

She slipped away and made her way back through the ship to Alex's room. Maybe he had returned, though the only fresh scent she found was Tavros'. Still, maybe he just hadn't left in a while. Maybe he was still there. 

She began clawing at the door, hoping that Alex would be here to open it and let her in.
14th-Oct-2010 10:05 pm - Marching March [Closed]
Sherry's legs hurt. A kind of dull, irritating, throbbing ache that made her want to do a lot of nothing. She watched Boon jump around spastically in her room from her seat at the base of her bed. Every once in a while, the alien dog would run up with a toy of some sort (his current favorite toy was a wad of knotted rags from some of the clothing Sherry'd grown out of), she would throw it, and the dog would try to eat her book.

At least Boon was nothing if not predictable. "No..! Boon! No! Books aren't snacks!" Sherry held the book over her head, the dog licked her face eagerly, "Get the toy! The toy! Not my---auuugh! That's my face! What've you been eating, your breath is horrib---ewww!"
7th-Oct-2010 07:38 pm - Alexia's Lullaby [open]
I will make you great.

I will make you powerful.

Steve woke up in a cold sweat, but it was only cold for a moment. Then his body filled with heat, pulsing and surging and roaring in his head. He exhaled a breath he couldn't remember holding, then gasped for more.

The walls of his room were closing in on him. The lights were flickering and the air grew thicker and thicker. He stumbled to his feet and headed towards the door, clutching a hand to his forehead.

You are lucky to bask in my presence. You are lucky to have survived. You will be the one to carry on my legacy.

His head pounded as he stumbled down the hall. The whole crew quarters hallway was getting smaller now, smaller and darker, hotter and hotter. He had to get out before she reached him. He could hear her getting louder until it sounded like she was echoing in his ear, that voice that sent chills down his spine and made him grit his teeth. "Shut up, you bitch... shut up!"

I will raise you above the level of the slime who populate this world. I will give you the purpose you were born to fulfill.

I will give you the privilege of serving me, Mister 267.

Her laughter rang out and he was trapped in that cell again, stumbling up against the cold brick wall. He yelled out in shock and slammed his fists against the door hard enough to sting. "No! NO! NOO!"

Of course, as soon as he'd likely woken anybody sleeping behind the door he was banging on, it all faded and he was left staring blankly down the crew quarter hallway.

[ooc: Whose door is it? I don't know, but whoever you are, you've been awoken by a sleepwalking delirious teenager. Whoops. So much for a good night's sleep...]
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Today, amidst the turmoil that was the meatship and its wayward crew, three of its members found themselves released from GLaDOS's clutches in three separate corners of their domain. Following is an objective analysis of their respective predicaments, cool and unbiased as per usual:

In this corner, the Observation Deck, one amnesiac alien. )

In this corner, the hallways by the Crew Quarters, one cranky birthday genius. )

And in this corner, the transportation tubes by the Medbay, one that is a combination of the two mentioned previous. )

[ooc: Hello, meatship! :D;; Uhm. So I kinda thought I would be back last week, but that didn't happen, and I also considered tagging into some threads instead of doing this monster post, but that didn't happen for reasons relating directly to my not being able to tag last week. So have a monster post instead! Just, ah, mention who you're prodding in the subject line, if you would. Sorry for the delay!]
4th-Oct-2010 01:12 pm - Mad world (Openish/Active)
Ace really really hated this ship. He’d been in buildings this big; land locked monsters that were impossible to find your way out of, pointlessly huge for the rich and cocky.

But this ship…she was a ship. And she shouldn’t be this big. Every sea loving part of him insisted this was true.

A ship in space.

Well, what could you do?

It took him a little longer than he’d promised to find the room Chopper had directed him to, and he was left standing outside hoping he had found the right one.

What was Luffy’s doctor even DOING here? And it seemed like just him, none of the rest of the crew, he knew Luffy. Luffy wouldn’t leave a member of his crew alone.

He sighed and lifted his hand to knock.

Maybe Chopper had the answers.

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