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Some may have noticed the lack of a certain cacaphonic pink pony on board the ship as of late. It seems that Pinkie Pie had found herself being GLaDOS' newest test subject and, of course, with Pinkie being Pinkie, she performed every test and ran every maze with no complaint, because she had been promised cake at the end! In fact, it was likely that GLaDOS would get tired of her long before she grew tired of testing.

And that could very well be what happened, as Pinkie was finally dumped in a random spot in the city, possibly making a squeaky-toy noise as she landed.

"Oof! Ms. Test Lady! Do I get a cake now?" She asked the sky, and waited for an answer. When none came, her ears flopped. "She said there would be cake at the end!"

And technically grief-counseling as well, but Pinkie had only heard the cake part. She looked around and tried to figure out where she was, and what she was going to do now. She wasn't in the big maze anymore, but Ms. Test Lady hadn't given her cake yet. Clearly, that meant only one thing:

The test wasn't over yet.

You could practically see the lightbulb go on over Pinkie's head. Of course! This was just another part of the test! And by gosh, Pinkie was going to do her best! There was cake on the line, after all.

"All right, Ms. Test Lady, I accept your challenge! I'm gonna get that cake yet!"

Passersby may be wondering why she's talking to herself. Unless you know Pinkie and realize that this is business as usual. Or perhaps you aren't even in the city, you're just minding your own business somewhere else when suddenly PONY IN YOUR FACE, asking you if you've seen a delicious cake anywhere. She's not going to stop until she's solved this newest test.

She is on a quest.

A quest for cake.

[[OOC: COME JOIN PINKIE IN HER QUEST FOR CAKE. Anything can happen! In fact, it's likely that anything WILL happen because this Pinkie Pie we're talking about.]]