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Cole MacGrath ([personal profile] electricman) wrote in [community profile] trans_92012-06-21 05:03 pm

Organize the Cavalry (Mother Know's Best, Bendy-Timed Pre ITA and Pre-Rebellion)

Cole had only been on the ship for a few days now, and was still figuring out all the twists and turns, so he got to where the distress call had been broadcasted from later than the others.

He had no idea where the flash had taken the people that got here earlier, but he got the feeling that something big was about to go down.

He'd sent out a message over the comms for anyone to get down here, though maybe he should've been more specific.

Still so far one person had said they would get here, but nothing else so far.

(OOC: Cole's omnicomm message went out two months ago, so you can respond there. Or just decide to help out of nowhere.)

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