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Distress Call

There was no warning before all of Stacy's holograms throughout the ship turned on, showing a very grim-looking Kanil.

"This is Admiral Kasna, of the GIA High Command."

The face, and the name, was familiar to some of the older crew.

"We are in dire need of assistance in the Pari'qa'dul System of Universe SL1609P. Recently, several of the planets and moons in the system have come under a coordinated attack, and we do not have the manpower to handle it. If anyone is close enough to hear this message, please, we need your help as soon as possible. Coordinates, as well as information on every hotspot, are attached."

The message repeated one more time before the hologram of the Admiral was replaced by Stacy.

||Attention crew. This was the distress call I received moments ago from GIA command. Universe SL1609P is a remote universe with limited resources on some of its planets and colonies, accessible by only a few routes in the Bleed and as a result, the GIA, who are currently in the midst of heated battle with the Ohm, are unable to send aid. Moments before we received their distress call, the Tapestry went active, providing visions of crew members taking on this mission.||

A list with the names of the crew members appeared.

||Whether or not these crew members take on this mission is their own choice, but the mission's success and the lives of civilians may depend on it. As for information on the threat, GIA intelligence is receiving reports from military and local law enforcement on the affected colonies and planets that this is not an attack by Catastrophists or any other known terrorist or piracy group. This new group is entirely unknown and is attacking these GIA worlds with a variety of MOs used for their criminal acts and acts of terror. The only connections that have been found between these individuals and groups is the timing and scattered communication between them--they all seem to be geared towards destabilizing the planets' governments and causing chaos.||

||This group needs to be investigated because it may be a new player in the overall war, innocent lives hang in the balance, and this is a chance for the crew to strengthen their alliance with the GIA. The Daligig are already spreading propaganda against the Trans 9.||

Newslinks and video of the Daligig denouncing the crew as going rogue flashed across her holographic screens.

||We need some way of offsetting it or we may be cut off entirely from GIA resources.||

[ooc: People in any place in the ship can ask Stacy questions or discuss this development with other crew members. The people on the lists provided by the Tapestry are whichever people sign up for the miniplots oocly.]
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Honor looks up from the spaceship performance sims she was running in one of the Sensoriums. She takes out her Omnicomm and glances at her list.

She raises an eyebrow

NImitz looks up from his perch as well, and purrs happily: the prescence of such a major telepathic living being as Stacy is quite...potent.

Honor pushes back Nimitz's feelings in her head, and stands to attention, raising her arm in a Manticorian salute.

"Stacy. I've heard from the crew how you helped to free them from their servitude to the Dalgig. However my training and experience can help to defend the Pari'qa'dul System, I offer it without reservation." She says...firmly.
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Honor lowers her hand from the salute position.

"With proper preparation, I believe I and my fellow crewmembers can handle any possible military confrontation."

After much searching through the Hangar, she's not only discovered two LACs but also a full battlecruiser tow of state of the art missile pods. Even the discovery of a strike-class Haven-designed LAC has done little to fester her good spirits.

Stacy's concerns do trouble her a bit more.

"Perhaps it is that this is a new and highly dramatic threat with no context or cause." Honor replies, folding her arms over her chest.

She frowns in thought for a moment, tapping a finger against one of her arms. Nimitz's tail flicks in time with her own twitch.

"In fact, it's curious that this sort of situation seems designed to require the aid of a group like us to resolve. Small enough that we could intervene effectively, but large enough in scale that local authorities cannot handle it..." She says distantly.
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TARDIS theft thread

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There's not many things at this point that could distract the Doctor from his business with the TARDIS. An emergency ship-wide broadcast, however, is one of them, the Doctor poking his head out of a slither of coils and wires spilling out of the TARDIS and all over Stacy's Hanger floor - Stacy, of course, was suddenly much more cooperative than earlier and he thinks he's about a day or two from a full repair. At this point a day delay might not matter, so when Stacy gives him her assessment, the Doctor supposes it can't hurt to step away from his work. She's a riveting conversationalist these days, by the way.

He's probably come away with some new views on life and the universe thanks to her keeping him company during his repairs.

Wiping his hands with one of his typically awful-on-the-eyes handkerchiefs, the Doctor pushes his goggles away and hurries away from the Hanger. The TARDIS stands with her doors flung wide open.
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When the Doctor was long gone and the coast was clear, a mysterious figure appeared out of nowhere, an extremely skinny man in a strange suit.

"Heehhn," the saboteur known as the Ghost rasped to himself, seeing the doors wide open, and then he got to work. This would have to be done very quickly, so that he wasn't caught. Any delay in the overall plan could be catastrophic.
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OOC: Can I start here?

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A rescue operation (OOC: Maybe?), a tournament, a rebellion, and now, a real damn mission.

Yep, Cole had gotten himself involved quickly.

"Any idea who some of the guys in this group are?", best to know what he was up against.