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Dancing with the Dark [Closed]

Starfire had done her best (rather unfairly) to ignore Jinx's presence thus far, perhaps unfairly. She had no desire to fight her formal rival, and she never had, but why cross paths and cause tension?

Now, however, the situation was different. Her only friend from home was gone, and many of her other friendships forged here had ended in repoddings as well. There were very few people left that she counted as friends, and the situation had taken its toll. A warrior whose powers rely on their ability to feel joy and confidence is hindered in a negative state like this.

So, rather unusually, she walks to her destination rather than flying. Perhaps it is worth it to approach a rival after all. When she arrives, she knocks.

"Jinx? Are you here?"
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The door opened cautiously with a pink eye peering out into the hallway. Jinx had been relaxing in her quiet little apartment with Diana and Pro out to dinner and Hana and Sandy off being adorable or something. Of course a rare appearance by someone from her world was suspicious.

"Yes?" She opened keeping her voice neutral. This was her territory after all.
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Jinx opened the door slightly more, a chain could be seen keeping the door in place though both of them knew it wouldn't take even a quarter of Starfire's normal strength to snap the chain and open the door.

"Talking. Alright fine I'll play along. What are we talking about?" She was still suspicious, even though she knew that of all the Titans Starfire was the weakest at telling lies.
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Jinx seemed to be thinking about this and promptly closed the door.

A moment, then a click and the door opened. "I haven't done anything that you'd need to fight with me over." She pointed out still not entirely sure this was a good idea.
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"I guess that depends on which friends." Jinx sauntered back into her apartment daring to turn her back on her enemy...former enemy? Well either way Starfire was never the sort to attack when someone's back was turned.
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"Are you calling what I was doing back home petty?" Jinx tested as she moved into the kitchen area of the little apartment to get a drink. She took pride in her work after all.

The apartment was very stylishly furnished for what she had to work with. A matching set of Love seat, fainting sofa and over sized chair made up a living room with some pictures she had picked up on other planets and some nick knacks on display shelves. A sketchpad on the coffee table betrayed what Jinx had been up to recently.
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"Good." She cracked the tab on some kind of alien drink that burned a little on her tongue. "Because I worked very hard for the skills I have and I think it's reasonable that I'm proud for having them." She gestured with a flick of the palm. "Oh come on then you can come in. Those sad puppy eyes are exhausting."

It was all too easy to be mean. But why come here only to be treated harshly? Surely Starfire had something on her mind other then making sure Jinx wasn't looking for revenge.
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It was intriguing. After all Starfire's life was slightly more public then Jinx's but what wasn't known by the message boards and news coverage?

"Fine, ask away. But if I don't want to answer I won't." The pink haired thief agreed coolly fixing Starfire with a calm and controlled stare.
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Jinx hadn't thought about the boys much in awhile. She rested on her elbows at the counter while she took a trip down memory lane.

"They're idiots. Even Gizmo is the dumbest genius I've ever met. No ambition, no drive. They only think about what's going to happen next instead of what's going to happen down the line."

Which had been her largest reason for quitting the team in the end.