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Pharle Presea ([personal profile] forging_on) wrote in [community profile] trans_92012-06-14 08:11 pm

[closed log] With lifted feet, hands still / I am poised, and down the hill

Who: Presea & Barbara Wright
Where: around the city
Summary: There was something about running into another cyclist that made them immediately your friend; or Barbara and Presea hope that you really never do forget how to ride a bike.

Presea had almost walked past without stopping, but the glossy paint on the bright frames caught her eye. She hadn't touched a bicycle in quite a while, although she had repaired a few on occasion. The ones she'd touched hadn't been so pretty or lightweight, however, and the wheels had been quite difficult to maintain. Most people would rather walk, or ride an animal to their destination, than fight through the uneven forests that separated villages.

"Rent for an hour," proclaimed a sign near the bicycle corral. The price was perfectly reasonable, and she found herself paying the woman and picking out a pretty blue one. Throwing her leg over the seat, she spent a moment hoping she'd remember how to do this properly.

She was only wobbling a little as she rode on, sparing a bright smile and sometimes a wave to passersby.

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