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Sending in the Dogs

On a Daligig ship, in the safety of a grand and luxurious room guarded by untold security measures, one of the Daligig was making a call. It was not a call he wanted to make, but then who ever wanted to make a call for help because they'd failed one of their goals?
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"The crew of the Transmigration 9 has gone rogue, Archon Yavek is dead, and we've lost all control over the ship and its crew. You can see why we have need of your services now."

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"Yes, I can see why your weakness has led you to take such desperate measures, General Heirarch Zaln."
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"When you speak to me, you would do well to remember the control we have over your own ship."

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"You would do well to remember that some of us have powers beyond anything you can imagine, that can reach across the boundaries of death itself. Fortunately for you, your goals conflict little with our own. What is it that you would have us do?"
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"Kill them, delay them, break their will--whatever causes them to keep out of our plans. If you can do it long enough, you will receive your just rewards."

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There was low and sinister laughter. "You call them 'just,' when they will be anything but. Regardless, we will aid you as you have aided us. There are many here that have their own personal scores to settle and personal grudges that they delight in. I assume that secrecy is still of the utmost importance to you?"
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"No one is to know of your connection to us."

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"Then a secret will be kept by the few who know it, and the few who know it will die if they speak of it to anyone else. You will have our services at your disposal, but do not think for a moment that it means we serve you and your kind."
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"Good. Keep us apprised of your progress through the proper confidential channels."
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"They will not last long before they find themselves cowering at our feet, for soon they will face all the powers of hell," said Maleficent, barking out cackling laughter as was appropriate for the moment, and then the screen cut off as she waved a hand over her crystal ball.
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