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Whatever Happened to the Purity of Unarmed Combat? [Open to all]

At the Saganami Naval Academy on Gryphon, a younger Honor had utilized numerous in-depth, realistic tactical simulators in her training to be a starship commander, all of which frequently used intricate holographic projections to put one 'in the thick' of combat.

When compared to the Sensoriums of Transmigration 9, however, Saganami Academy was about as cutting edge as a puppet theater.

For a time Honor experimented with it, materializing random objects, calling to mind old locals and places, memories and scenarios: the windswept plains of Gryphon, the cliffs and jungles of Sphinx, the domes of Grayson.

In a fit of nostalgia, she briefly called up the bridge of HMS Troubador that she had so recently from her perspective been snatched, standing in that cramped space of holo-displays and controls as midshipmen and tac officers rushed about.


Then she dismissed it, shaking her head.

"Time to get down to brass tacks." She says to Nimitz, summoning up a perch for him.

The treecat sits there contentedly, blissfully munching on some celery pinched from the gardens.

And Honor buckles down and throws herself into some hardcore combat training. Anyone can wander in and interrupt/train with her/learn from her/teach her.

Insert Power Rock Ballads at your leisure.
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Morgan hadn't entered the sensorium with the intention of interrupting, or challenging her, or even commenting. He hadn't intended to enter an occupied sensorium at all. But, as was painfully common for him, he had completely failed to notice this one was in use as he stepped in... or for about a minute afterward.

So with his hands jammed in the pockets of his odd black coat, sword hilt visible over his shoulder, the Akashic seemed deep in thought and totally unaware of his environment.
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He caught the towel out of midair without even seeming to notice it, but his distracted forward progression stops. A discerning eye can actually track in his eyes the slow realization of where he was, and more importantly, what his surroundings were. After some time of this, he looked down at the towel in his hand with a sheepish, rueful smile.

"Sorry," he said, looking up at her with that same smile, and a note of bemused resignation in his voice. "I didn't mean to just wander in on you. Although considering the environment you've conjured, I probably WOULD have meant to if I'd known ahead of time..."
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He perked up slightly as he reached out to give the sort of handshake that politicians and CEOs practiced to develop. "Morgan Knight. I was talking to you on the omincomms. Offered you an apple," he added with a wink. (No, he wasn't above turning on the charm just a little.)

Morgan didn't blink as he noticed Nimitz; this was the sensorium, after all. Instead, he offered a hand to sniff, in the manner of one who was around cats quite a bit. "There is, though it's been kind of on hiatus for a year and a day, not literally, thanks to everything we just got through with. I've got to talk to Red Robin about starting that back up... But in absence of that, I don't think finding someone to help you work out the stiffness would be too hard."

He added a quirk of the brows and a grin to the last statement, just in case she didn't realize he meant himself from the words alone.
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"You look like a conventional Earth cat more than anything else I know," he said to Nimitz, withdrawing his hand. "Force of habit, I apologize!"

Apple fellow? Oh dear. "Well, sort of. I just help Applejack, who grows the apple trees up in Hydroponics, so I get a couple of special privileges when it comes to her crops. Trying to soften the blow of waking up here seems like a good use for that." Though Honor seemed to be adapting quite well, which was excellent, in his mind.

Casually, he shrugged off his coat, which slid off his shoulders with a bizarre sense of weight to it, then tossed it casually over a low bar. If physique said anything, he was pretty skilled, but that was a dime a dozen on this ship.

"I'm all right. Never managed to beat my teacher, but I hold 'top of the class' status by a fairly safe margin."

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A huge figure steps into the dojo. It looks like a knight of old, if knights wore whirring black power-plate that had glowing red eyes, and carried swords that are probably as heavy as Honor herself. He says nothing, simply watching her movements.

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The blend between the familiar and the unfamiliar is interesting, to say the least, and when he enters Saitō is torn between watching Honor's style and getting a closer look at those swords.

The former wins out, though - the swords will still be there when she's finished, after all.
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Her technique is...interesting - she had mentioned before that it was meant for tourneys, and he can definitely see that in the movements. Wasted motion, wasted energy; it's rather at odds with the iai he practices, where one strives for ultimate precision and to get the most out of every movement.

But she commits to her attacks in a way that reminds him quite a bit of Souji. He likes seeing that.

After nodding to Honor and Nimitz, Saitō glances at the other man for a moment. "We're not yet acquainted."
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[The swords never leave him! But he has indeed cleaned up by now.]

Saitō simply nods again - he's not one to be verbose without cause - but doesn't reach for the katana at his waist.

"Do you have a preference whether I use a wooden or bamboo sword?" Bamboo practice swords may have caught on pretty well in his time, but some dojos still didn't use them at all, preferring the heavier (and more damaging) wooden ones.
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That suits Saitō well enough; the best spars he ever had were with the other Shieikan regulars, and they never touched bamboo.

...which had resulted in he and Souji damned near killing each other, the first time they fought, but fights like that were precisely what had drawn them all to gather at Shieikan in the first place. The camaraderie, the respect for pure skill and strength not bogged down by inflexible thinking and over-formalized rules. Edo had no shortage of people acting at being warriors, but few who truly lived it as men had in the old days.

"The uniform has always been troublesome that way." He accepts the guard helmet with a slightly curious look, as he's never actually used one.

"Actions speak louder than words."

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Fuu sometimes visited the Sensoriums to train, usually when she wanted to practice traditional archery--there was nothing like the convenience of a limitless quiver. But when she walked in today, it seemed as though someone else had quite a different type of training in mind.

In fact, it looked like a kendo dojo, something that made her think immediately of Hikaru--I wonder if her family's home looks anything like this, Fuu wondered as she turned her attention to the woman going through some exercises. She watched and waited until it didn't seem like she would be interrupting to speak up, with a friendly smile. "You're quite good!"
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"Still, it's easy to see that you're skilled in your own right," said Fuu. "I have a friend from home who's very good at kendo, and I'm sure she would agree."

She gave the cat-like creature a little wave. Was it a cat? Cats didn't usually eat plants that weren't catnip, at least not without throwing up afterwards. "My name is Fuu Hououji. I haven't seen you before; were you released from the pods recently?"
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Six. Well, that's quite impressive.

Fuu shook Harrington's hand. "It's nice to meet you, Commodore! I'm afraid I don't know where Manticore is, but it sounds like Stacy made a sensible choice in choosing you for the crew." What with so many of the officers and department heads having been repodded by the Daligig...

Harrington, she'd seen that name--oh, yes! "I think I saw your post on the network as well! So you know about what's happened recently?"
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Fuu nodded. "The Daligig--they were the ones who commanded the ship and set our missions. According to them, they're fighting to stop the Ohm from destroying the multiverse, and they were the ones to save us from the destruction of our different worlds."

She shook her head, clasping her hands in front of her. "However, they treated us as slaves. They programmed Stacy with draconian protocols. Not only did they use truly brutal torture as a disciplinary measure, they called everyone else to watch it, to demonstrate their mastery."

That incident, Fuu thought, was what had pushed many people over the edge to fully support the mutiny.

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