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Widow's Insight [Open, Cut for Spoilers]

The first thing that Natasha Romanoff - as she had allowed herself to be called in recent years - had done after she had popped out of a gooey pod (and subsequently gotten clothed, briefed on the situation at hand, and retrieved her weapons) was familiarize herself with the spaceship that she had found herself on. It had taken a long while - the size of the ship made the SHIELD Helicarrier seem akin to a SmartCar - but she’d scoured as much of the place as she could, because it was always useful to know one’s bearings.

Especially in a situation like this, where it seemed as though literally anything could happen. And a situation that I’ve never really been trained for. I mean, the Chitauri attacking New York - that was one thing. But this. This is something even I never expected. Because, really, who actually expects to be plucked out of your home by a multiverse hopping spaceship made out of living...something. I was just getting used to the idea of Norse gods being real, and alien invasions becoming a semi-regular thing. She was, she knew, a long way from the simple world of spying, espionage, and assassinations that she was used to. But, then again, this could just be much of the same. Only in space.

That was, though, still somewhat of a new concept to her. Sure, she'd had colleagues who had gone into space - Iron Man with his penchant for pushing the limits of his iron armour specifically came to mind, as did some fellow SHIELD agents - but Natasha had always had two feet on the ground.

You know, except for those moments where she was piloting an alien aircraft to save the world or something.

Still, true to her training, Natasha had taken it all in stride. She wouldn’t allow herself to be fazed by the situation at hand - to do so would be potentially life-threatening, and while Natasha was always prepared for death (because it could happen so easily in her line of work), she wasn’t at the moment ready to die. Only if it means saving all of reality, she mused as she walked up towards the Observation Deck. If anything can clear off all of the red in my's this.
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Also wandering about the Obs Deck, trying to figure things out, is a young-looking woman wearing a white beret and a navy blue double-breasted military jacket, with rank bars, starburst epaulets, and red-gold trim, a pistol and sword at her waist.

She has a military bearing in her stride, a bit like you'd see in S.H.I.E.L.D. officers, focused eyes that miss few details, and certain calluses visible to the keen observer on her hand. Weaponry calluses.

Cleary someone not to be...

...what the heck is sitting on her shoulder?
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It was a rare day that Kang's walking had led him to the Observation Deck. He hadn't really been paying attention to where he was going, lost in his own thoughts. Normally, he could keep himself busy at the tavern, but the focus of said thoughts was Kaylee, who had been repodded recently; he had to remind himself constantly that she wasn't there anymore, and possibly wouldn't be back for a long time. He really didn't have many people left around that he was close to.

He stood by one of the windows, staring out into the Bleed with his arms crossed over his chest.
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The travels of the Sangheili Commander had brought him past the observation deck, even a commander needed to pause between duties at times. The eight foot tall armour clad alien stood before one of the large observation windows, staring out at the evershifting colours of the bleed as he took a moment to contemplate on recent events.

Even in observation he held himself proudly with a military bearing, his armour's silver sheen well kept though it showed sign of wear and recent damage at points, he was not one to lead from afar.

It would be clear that he was also quite observant, half turning as the human woman entered the Observation deck, a gaze that took in every detail was passed over the crew member in question, one he did not recognize.

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"Hi there!" commented the pastel-blue, rainbow-maned pony as she trotted past on the way to the observation window.

Then she paused, turned, and trotted back over. "Are you... new? I haven't seen you around before."

Take as long as you need to adjust to and accept this sequence of events, Ms. Romanoff.
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Sitting there staring out into space is a young girl who is heavily bandaged up looking out the windows letting out a breath and fiddling with a rather fancy looking watch. She peers over at Natasha and tilts her head.

"You new here?"
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Rarity was levitating a pile of fabric with her horn and her vision was slightly obscured but she remained as polite as ever as she made her way down the corridor. "I'm terribly sorry but I need some space please."

((OOC: I had a Wasp character but I dropped her. Would have been awesome if they both interacted. =P))