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Widow's Insight [Open, Cut for Spoilers]

The first thing that Natasha Romanoff - as she had allowed herself to be called in recent years - had done after she had popped out of a gooey pod (and subsequently gotten clothed, briefed on the situation at hand, and retrieved her weapons) was familiarize herself with the spaceship that she had found herself on. It had taken a long while - the size of the ship made the SHIELD Helicarrier seem akin to a SmartCar - but she’d scoured as much of the place as she could, because it was always useful to know one’s bearings.

Especially in a situation like this, where it seemed as though literally anything could happen. And a situation that I’ve never really been trained for. I mean, the Chitauri attacking New York - that was one thing. But this. This is something even I never expected. Because, really, who actually expects to be plucked out of your home by a multiverse hopping spaceship made out of living...something. I was just getting used to the idea of Norse gods being real, and alien invasions becoming a semi-regular thing. She was, she knew, a long way from the simple world of spying, espionage, and assassinations that she was used to. But, then again, this could just be much of the same. Only in space.

That was, though, still somewhat of a new concept to her. Sure, she'd had colleagues who had gone into space - Iron Man with his penchant for pushing the limits of his iron armour specifically came to mind, as did some fellow SHIELD agents - but Natasha had always had two feet on the ground.

You know, except for those moments where she was piloting an alien aircraft to save the world or something.

Still, true to her training, Natasha had taken it all in stride. She wouldn’t allow herself to be fazed by the situation at hand - to do so would be potentially life-threatening, and while Natasha was always prepared for death (because it could happen so easily in her line of work), she wasn’t at the moment ready to die. Only if it means saving all of reality, she mused as she walked up towards the Observation Deck. If anything can clear off all of the red in my's this.
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Spider of Honor!

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Also wandering about the Obs Deck, trying to figure things out, is a young-looking woman wearing a white beret and a navy blue double-breasted military jacket, with rank bars, starburst epaulets, and red-gold trim, a pistol and sword at her waist.

She has a military bearing in her stride, a bit like you'd see in S.H.I.E.L.D. officers, focused eyes that miss few details, and certain calluses visible to the keen observer on her hand. Weaponry calluses.

Cleary someone not to be...

...what the heck is sitting on her shoulder?
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It was a rare day that Kang's walking had led him to the Observation Deck. He hadn't really been paying attention to where he was going, lost in his own thoughts. Normally, he could keep himself busy at the tavern, but the focus of said thoughts was Kaylee, who had been repodded recently; he had to remind himself constantly that she wasn't there anymore, and possibly wouldn't be back for a long time. He really didn't have many people left around that he was close to.

He stood by one of the windows, staring out into the Bleed with his arms crossed over his chest.
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Kang turned at the voice, and noticed the hair immediately; it was almost exactly the same shade of red as Huzzad's had been. He smiled wryly, facing the window again, "No, it isn't. You're new, aren't you, ma'am?" His accent sounded a bit like Romanian, but not quite as heavy, and some of the pronunciation was off.
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"Kang. I'm one of the Councilors on Stacy," he took her hand, careful of his claws. "Well met, miss Romanoff. Normally, she has several people wake up at once; it's only very, very recently she's started with individuals."
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Kang smiled slightly. "The Mr. isn't necessary. We actually have no idea. It may have something to do with our recent liberation from the Daligig, but Stacy hasn't said a word about it."
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Heyo: how's your ledger doing?

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Honor Harrington finally notices you, and nods in greeting.

"Hello. Are you one of the current roster of crew, or...?"

Upon closer examination, the thing on her shoulder looks a lot like a cat...if you gave it the arboreal forelimbs of a lemur or monkey.

Six of them in fact. And green, self-aware eyes. It jumps off of the military officer's shoulder and perches itself upon one of the meat cushions, peering at you curiously. Mainly at your hair.
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Re: Heyo: how's your ledger doing?

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The cat-thing 'bleaks' softly at you in reply. He's still starring with frank curiosity at you red hair. He hasn't seen natural hair that color very often in the circles he runs in.

Honor takes Romanoff's hand, pausing slightly as she feels your own calluses: closer up, you note that her frame and muscle mass is more developed than the human average. On contact, the skin of the hand she offers to you feels...strange.

"Commodore Honor Harrington, Royal Manticorian Navy. Also a new arrival."

She nods to the arboreal cat creature.

"And this is Nimitz."

'Nimitz' stands up and gestures with his forelimbs twice.

As a spy, it's likely that you'd be able to read the A.S.L. for 'Hello." after a moment of confusion: the gestures shifted slightly over hundreds of years

Honor's focus returns to you. "It's pleasure to meet you, Ms. Romanoff. It seems there have been a number of people...decanted from the pod rooms on a scattered individual basis recently: I may be able to introduce you to some of them in the near future. But regardless..."

She frowns for a moment, before deciding not to beat around the bush.

"Snatched from our worlds and drafted into a grand multiversal war with unparalleled stakes: thoughts, reactions, concerns?"
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The travels of the Sangheili Commander had brought him past the observation deck, even a commander needed to pause between duties at times. The eight foot tall armour clad alien stood before one of the large observation windows, staring out at the evershifting colours of the bleed as he took a moment to contemplate on recent events.

Even in observation he held himself proudly with a military bearing, his armour's silver sheen well kept though it showed sign of wear and recent damage at points, he was not one to lead from afar.

It would be clear that he was also quite observant, half turning as the human woman entered the Observation deck, a gaze that took in every detail was passed over the crew member in question, one he did not recognize.

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"Yes." This woman was interesting. Kang kind of liked her already, with how easily she seemed to accept the situation and her straightforwardness with wanting answers. Much easier to deal with. "If you're not in one of her blind spots, she'll answer to the best of her abilities. I don't think anyone has asked her; if they have, they haven't shared the information with the rest of us."

He likely would have heard it. He heard lots of things in the tavern.
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"Maybe someone should," Kang quirked an eyebrow ridge at her, smiling. It was a clear invitation for her to do so.
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'Vadum dipped his helmeted head the slightest of degrees at her greeting, turning fully to face the crew member in question. There was no question that the individual before him was experienced in combat, though just what manner he could not tell at that moment.

"Rtas 'Vadum, acting Commander of the Transmigration 9 and head of both the Special Operations Task force and Starfighter command, an honor I am sure," He introduced himself in turn, titles he held with no small pride or confidence.

"I do not recall seeing you previously, you have been recently released from the pods I assume,"
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Re: Heyo: how's your ledger doing?

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Nimitz is tickled pink by your courtesy, and has come to the conclusion that gingers are his favorite type of two-legs!

Honor raises his eyebrows at Natasha's own story.

"...Wow." She says quietly. "...Really?"

Her military bearing drops for a moment, and she rubs the back of her head sheepishly.

"It's clear I'll have to adjust my expectations...Loki, really?"

Nimitz, on the other hand, takes the time to sign out a response to your questions.

[It is a war] He says empathically. [Wars start among you mind-blinds because you do not know how to talk to each other. You must learn to talk to your enemy. Then the war will end.]

Honor notes Nimitz's reply. "That's all very good." She says in a grave tone. "But we have to stay alive and protect our own. For that we have to fight."

Nimitz cocks his head to the side.

Honor blinks, then sighs to herself. "I know, I know." She frowns for a moment to herself, then smiles faintly. "I'm glad."

You can't help but guess that there's something going on beneath the surface.
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I like Starships and Honor: Do you like those things

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[Hope this isn't intruding]

"That she has: around the same time as myself." A voice replies across the room.

A young looking human woman walks over from across the room, dressed in a double-breasted military uniform with a white beret, a sword and pistol at her side, and ceremonial treecat on her shoulder...okay, that last part's not quite standard naval tradition.

Honor herself is not quite as tall as Rtas 'Vadum, but she takes up more space than most humans. If she had ever gawked at the impressive looking Sanghelli (which she had, quite frankly) , she'd gotten that out of her system earlier at a distance.

"Apologies: I couldn't help but overhear the words 'Starfighter Command'..."

Honor brings up her arm in salute, her other hand at her side and deliberately not resting on any weapons.

"Commodore Harrington, Royal Manticorian Navy!"

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