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Widow's Insight [Open, Cut for Spoilers]

The first thing that Natasha Romanoff - as she had allowed herself to be called in recent years - had done after she had popped out of a gooey pod (and subsequently gotten clothed, briefed on the situation at hand, and retrieved her weapons) was familiarize herself with the spaceship that she had found herself on. It had taken a long while - the size of the ship made the SHIELD Helicarrier seem akin to a SmartCar - but she’d scoured as much of the place as she could, because it was always useful to know one’s bearings.

Especially in a situation like this, where it seemed as though literally anything could happen. And a situation that I’ve never really been trained for. I mean, the Chitauri attacking New York - that was one thing. But this. This is something even I never expected. Because, really, who actually expects to be plucked out of your home by a multiverse hopping spaceship made out of living...something. I was just getting used to the idea of Norse gods being real, and alien invasions becoming a semi-regular thing. She was, she knew, a long way from the simple world of spying, espionage, and assassinations that she was used to. But, then again, this could just be much of the same. Only in space.

That was, though, still somewhat of a new concept to her. Sure, she'd had colleagues who had gone into space - Iron Man with his penchant for pushing the limits of his iron armour specifically came to mind, as did some fellow SHIELD agents - but Natasha had always had two feet on the ground.

You know, except for those moments where she was piloting an alien aircraft to save the world or something.

Still, true to her training, Natasha had taken it all in stride. She wouldn’t allow herself to be fazed by the situation at hand - to do so would be potentially life-threatening, and while Natasha was always prepared for death (because it could happen so easily in her line of work), she wasn’t at the moment ready to die. Only if it means saving all of reality, she mused as she walked up towards the Observation Deck. If anything can clear off all of the red in my's this.
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'Vadum dipped his helmeted head the slightest of degrees at her greeting, turning fully to face the crew member in question. There was no question that the individual before him was experienced in combat, though just what manner he could not tell at that moment.

"Rtas 'Vadum, acting Commander of the Transmigration 9 and head of both the Special Operations Task force and Starfighter command, an honor I am sure," He introduced himself in turn, titles he held with no small pride or confidence.

"I do not recall seeing you previously, you have been recently released from the pods I assume,"
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[Hope this isn't intruding]

"That she has: around the same time as myself." A voice replies across the room.

A young looking human woman walks over from across the room, dressed in a double-breasted military uniform with a white beret, a sword and pistol at her side, and ceremonial treecat on her shoulder...okay, that last part's not quite standard naval tradition.

Honor herself is not quite as tall as Rtas 'Vadum, but she takes up more space than most humans. If she had ever gawked at the impressive looking Sanghelli (which she had, quite frankly) , she'd gotten that out of her system earlier at a distance.

"Apologies: I couldn't help but overhear the words 'Starfighter Command'..."

Honor brings up her arm in salute, her other hand at her side and deliberately not resting on any weapons.

"Commodore Harrington, Royal Manticorian Navy!"
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'Vadum's gaze shifted to the woman in question, no sign of surprise in the least in his features, merely acknowledging her input with a click of his mandibles as he glanced over her.

For someone who was just released she had a rather intact prior uniform, one that appeared similar if a great deal more colourful than the uniforms of the UNSC's Naval officers. He only gave the creature on her shoulder the merest of note before taking stock of her weapons, all taken in with a quick glance.

Once both saluted however he drew himself up and drew a fist across his chest in a salute before letting it fall to rest. A naval officer and an Agent of an unfamiliar organization, both of whom at least appeared schooled in military matters, that was something he could make use of.

"Indeed, Starfighter Command is the space borne aspect of the Transmigration 9 military, we take the fight to the enemy in the void and in atmosphere where needed," Casting his attention to the Commodore in regards to her prior question, if she was as experienced an officer as she seemed she would be a useful addition.

"The Special Operations Task force however is the mixed-arms force of our military. Consisting of skilled individuals able to take on any task, whether infiltration, sabotage, boarding actions, breaking through enemy lines or any other mission we are set to," Turning his attention to the Black Widow as he expanded on the duties of the recently formed Task Force, a curious name she had, but then human names even assumed ones tended to be.
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"I'd be very interested in a position in Starfighter Command...sir." Honor replies.

The 'sir' carries with it some important connotations.

Given that the two host militaries of 'Vadum and Harrington are different, their ranking systems are different as well. A jerk of a officer might try to raise a fuss about his/her place in the chain of command.

But Honor is expressing her willingness to go where's Rtas 'Vadum needs her.

The treecat bleaks softly.

"Pardon me: this is Nimitz."
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"We can use all the skilled officers we can get, I am certain that there will be a position available to you, depending on your talents and experience," He dips his head in acknowledgement of her willingness, it was good to have another potential officer, "The Macross Quarter is currently in need of several officers, a new Tactical officer primarily, if you are interested, otherwise should you have your own vessel, it would be welcome," Indeed as it was they could use anything they could get their hands on.

'Vadum clicked his mandibles in approval as Natasha stated her skill set, while to a normal Sangheili commander such tactics might have been seen as underhanded, his position and his time as Special Operations Commander had given him a different outlook on such endeavors and of their use, "We could make good use of your skills in the Task Force, you would be welcome amongst our ranks should you wish to join us,"

The bleak of the small creature on Harrington's shoulder drew his attention as she introduced it, "Indeed, well then, greetings Nimitz," he replied with the ever so slight hint of amusement.
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"I've yet to determine whether combat ships from my...universe are in the ship's hanger bay." Honor replies. "I'll be sure to look for them, as well as any Missile Pods and recon drones that might be there."

Taking up the role of a Tac Witch might be a step down from commanding the Sidemore 84th Taskforce and the Protector's Fleet...but if it's what's needed, then she can hardly say no. At least she won't be fighting Peeps this time around.

Meanwhile, her ears perk in curiosity. "The Macross Quarter? I presume that's the flagship of Starfighter Command? What are it's specs? For that matter, is there a catalog for looking up the types of ships available in the hanger bay?"

Nimitz's ears literally perk at your polite introduction, and he inclines his head.
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"Any combat capable vessel would be a welcome addition to our forces," Indeed as it was they could use every fighter, every pilot, ever vessel they could get especially now that they had broken free of the Daligig's control.

"Indeed, the Macross Quarter is Starfighter Command's current flagship and base of operations. It is an Assault Carrier with armaments and firepower that belie its size matched with the agility of a vessel far smaller," It was no Shadow of Intent but it had proved itself time and again in the field. "I will a copy of the detailed specifications sent to your omnicomm, there is however no comprehensive listing of the vehicles available within the hanger, I have listings of what has been thus discovered and utilized by Starfighter command however,"

Turning to Natasha once more he dipped his head slightly in acknowledgement "Should you have any inquiries approach either myself or Roger Maxson, he is the ranking officer of the infantry division of the Task force, there will in addition be regular Task force training sessions should you wish to observe. I look forward to seeing your skills in action should you choose to join us,"

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Honor nods briskly. "Thank you, sir: I'll review it at the closest opportunity. If I'm able to find any Naval Munitions from my neck of the woods, I'll be sure to let you know."

A few Manticorian Missile Pods, Ghost Rider Drones, and some Dragon's Teeth...they'd be able to put a dent in any wall of battle that comes their way.

Honor, of course, hasn't quite appreciated the implications of fighting a swarming force of telepathically linked living warships. Not quite yet.

She pauses. "Is there a particular uniform for officers in Starfighter Command?"

This wouldn't be the first time she'd served under another flag, so to speak.
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"We can use any advantage we can get our hands on," Be that additional ships, weapons, munitions or crew, anything that would help against their growing number of foes.

"Indeed, there has been a uniform set out and made available to all Starfighter Command personnel, Squadron Commanders and Captains however have some leeway in choice of Uniform. Uniforms will be made available should you join our ranks," Such as was the case for he, his silver combat harness was all the uniform he required for now. Although the crewmember responsible for the current uniforms had been podded for sometime they had enough excess uniforms for those who needed them for now.

'Vadum dipped his head in turn in acknowledgment to Natasha, he knew well that to have direction in a situation such as their current one was key for many individuals.

Turning to address them both he gave something of a sweeping gesture to the to the room around them, "It may not be an ideal circumstance of meeting, I am sure however, that your individual skills shall be a benefit to this crew, where ever you choose to focus them, welcome aboard,"
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[The Mods approved me for two LACs and ten or so missile pods: Manticorian Missile Massacres for all!]

Honor salutes again. "I'm sure I can come to some sort of arrangement, sir."

She's thinking that she'll try to mix and match between her uniform and those of Starfighter command.

"It's good to hear that we're welcome aboard."

She pauses.

"Is there a officer's diner coming up soon? It would be a good opportunity for us to be acquainted with other members of the military."

Officer banquets were all the rage in the Navy. Good food, building morale, and giant cakes shaped like the ships they were commanding. Good times.