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I like Starships and Honor: Do you like those things

[Hope this isn't intruding]

"That she has: around the same time as myself." A voice replies across the room.

A young looking human woman walks over from across the room, dressed in a double-breasted military uniform with a white beret, a sword and pistol at her side, and ceremonial treecat on her shoulder...okay, that last part's not quite standard naval tradition.

Honor herself is not quite as tall as Rtas 'Vadum, but she takes up more space than most humans. If she had ever gawked at the impressive looking Sanghelli (which she had, quite frankly) , she'd gotten that out of her system earlier at a distance.

"Apologies: I couldn't help but overhear the words 'Starfighter Command'..."

Honor brings up her arm in salute, her other hand at her side and deliberately not resting on any weapons.

"Commodore Harrington, Royal Manticorian Navy!"

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