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Black Widow ([personal profile] dance_with_death) wrote in [community profile] trans_9 2012-06-10 02:43 am (UTC)

"Salutations," Natasha replied. She, too, had taken the chance to observe him. The fact that he was eight feet tall was, well, something.

Then again, this is no weirder than Iron Man or Thor. Or a perfectly preserved Captain America.

There seemed to be many military types aboard this ship, though. Natasha couldn't say she was surprised. If they were indeed meant to save the multiverse, then they needed all of the well-trained individuals on board that they could get their hands on.

Which made her wonder about some of the teenagers and tattooed ponies she had seen aboard.

Especially the tattooed ponies.

"Natasha Romanoff," she said immediately, introducing herself.

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