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Practice [forward-dated to just after Rebellion]

Chance had heard some things about the AIs in Stacy's brain, but this was the first time he had been exposed to what Glados actually did to people. Upon being released, Chance found out that he had missed the whole rebellion thing so he was recovering by booting up the sensoriums shooting monsters in a junkyard.

"Man. Too easy. I should up the difficulty..." Torque muttered as he shot monster after monster.
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Billy, as it turned out, was seeking to train for the same reason. Missing the big fight had a tendency to make him feel more inadequate than he really was.

He appeared behind Chance, turning his morpher over in his hand. "Hey...I was actually looking for a training simulation. Do you have room for one more?"
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Billy eyed their opponent up and down. "Stronger and faster? I've heard the Kessek were brutal. Actually...maybe we should replicate them. We might have to fight them again later."
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"It's morphin' time!" Billy hollered just before the fight began. He swung his power lance in front of him and crouched, preparing to move for just a split second.

"Look out. They're fast, they're strong, and they aim to kill as quickly as possible."

Billy veered to the side to avoid losing his head. He rolled, leapt---it was only his speed keeping him alive here, and it was more than difficult to get a hit in. Finally, he struck in the center, taking a page from their book.

The arms lashed out at him, creating a massive gash. He soon went down, breaking off the other half of his lance and stabbing at the legs with it. When it wobbled, he reached for his blaster and shot.
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'Vadum had been heading to the sensoriums originally to locate a free one so that he could test and develop proper training courses for the Task force and to keep himself in practice. When the sounds of gunfire echoed out of one of the sensoriums in particular he stepped in to see just what it was being used for.

The 8ft tall Sangheili commander took in the scene with but a simple glance, watching the armoured figure in the center of the junkyard as he shot opponent after opponent, "Perhaps training against more formidable foes would prove the greater challenge,"