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You have to eat sometime. [Open, During Rebellion.]

It takes some nerve to stop in the middle of a battle and think, "I'm hungry. I wonder which side is controlling the mess hall at the moment?" and decide that it's worth the risk to go find out. That's exactly what happened here and - fortunately - at the time Clef went to check, the Mess Hall was in fact a neutral zone. Which is to say that no one had thought it strategically important because the food was that bad.

Well, now it was being occupied by the crew. That is, by Clef. Who was sitting at one of the few still-upright tables and eating some grey mush like it was just a normal day. Occasionally some fighters on either side would run through and occasionally pause to go what the fuck? at him, but since nobody had pointed a gun at him yet he so far considered Mission: Get Some Lunch a success. Contrary to all appearances, however, he was quite ready in the event that circumstances should change.

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Sherlock was one of those people hurled through the doors, literally thrown by one of the Kessek. His quest to get from the Sensoriums down to Medbay where John was so far hadn't been the most fruitful.

This probably had to do with the fact that he was just a normal human trying to get past bipedal tanks.

"I don't suppose--" Sherlock grunted out to Clef, trying to get to his feet, as the Kessek that had thrown him stormed into the room "--that you're one of those individuals with ridiculous powers who happens to be the type of person that's inclined to use them when someone else is in distress, are you?"
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That Kessek would receive another opponent - a fedora-wearing man who leaps to grab the thing's neck with his arms with a yell. Shoutarou gets on him, but before he can do more than annoy the over-sized alien, the thing reaches up and grabs him, pitching him in after Sherlock. There's a pained yell as he crashes against a table, then falls off it.

"...ow. Okay, that could have gone a lot better."
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at some point after Sherlock has been sorted out

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Presea had gotten caught up in one of the many small skirmishes that plagued the corridors, and found herself separated from Fuu and Clef again. She wasn't so much headed for the mess hall as she stumbled into it, hoping for a moment's break from the fighting.

And there she found the man she had been looking for, calm as ever, eating lunch. She wasn't sure whether to hang him up by his toes or join him.

Well, one could lead to the other, so she made her way over to him, absently scrubbing at a couple of superficial cuts and bruises.

"It's quite possibly the end of our overlords, and you're eating gruel," she said, lifting one eyebrow.
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"And who wants to fight all the way back there, is that it?"

She sat down next to him, but wasn't that hungry. The adrenaline hadn't worn off enough yet. She shook her head.

"I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. At least you remember to eat on time now. That takes some doing."
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Well, she had her suspicions, but she wasn't going to bring up something like that. It wasn't the time to open those wounds. It would probably never be a good time.

"Hey," she said, trying a smile, "I can take care of myself. Which is more than I can say about anyone who is actually eating this food." She paused. "I know you would have. I just found you first."
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Anwei was grinning, teeth bright in a blackened, swollen face. The blackening was some sort of paint, smeared on her skin and plantsuit; the swelling gave half her face the look of a chubby-cheeked, hungry baby. She wasn't wearing her armored jacket, she was carrying it under her arm, wrapped around something.

"Hello, Clef!" she sang almost, feet light as she dashed into the room and looked around. "Do you know where I could find some seal-film?"
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She's still grinning, even while she talks. "It's a clear plastic film that sticks to itself - you can use it for carrying water, emergency wound care, all sorts of things! For some reason I suddenly just had a yen for it."

If you looked very closely, you might see blood in her teeth.

"I'm sure I'll find something I can use. How's the slop today?"

The grin got wider, if that was even possible.
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She continued to grin like the Cheshire Cat would after catching a particularly toothsome mouse.

"We're winning, why shouldn't I look smug? No problem, I'll find something I can use for seal-film."

She dashed out the door, then dashed back in the door and skittered behind a table. There was the thunder of armored feet drawing close, and then passing by.

From her spot on the floor, she looked up at Clef and said, "You can blind the Kessek's visual sensors by strobing them with multiple frequencies of light in the high-ultraviolet and visible range."