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Nothing splendid was ever created in cold blood. - future-dated to post Rebellion

Who: Presea & OPEN
Where: the City, especially in/around Hiccup's forge
Summary: [Future-dated to post-Rebellion.] After the fight was over, it was time to regroup, and to take care of the weaponry that kept you alive. Presea's headed to the City to meet Hiccup and talk to anyone else whom she might encounter on her way.
Warnings: none

As patchwork as it was, Presea liked the City. It seemed like every corner she turned, there was something entirely new to see, and the people who moved around her looked as though they'd lived such interesting lives. It was all she could do not to stop and stare sometimes at a tall building here, or an unusual feature there.

She knew where she was going, but she wasn't in any particular hurry. She was a little surprised with herself that she'd taken so long to find a forge, given her love for her craft. Now she was coming as someone who needed work done, rather than waiting as the one who did the work. Her sword had served her well during the Rebellion, but the Kesseks' armor had blunted it, and there was a small chip in the blade as well.

Perhaps Hiccup would let her work on it herself. It'd be a good way to demonstrate her skills. With the warmth of the sun on her face, and a cheerful feeling in her heart, she continued walking, occasionally smiling at passersby.
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Hiccup was hard at work inside but the door was open for customers and visitors, and so were all the windows. The fight had put a dint and a ding in many a weapon and that meant a lot of repairs. He was working shirtless but wearing his blacksmith's apron, and that probably had to do with the fact that he was sweating buckets. It wasn't so much that the forge was too hot--it was getting a nice breeze coming in through the open windows--but that he'd been working nonstop for hours with hardly any break.

Somebody was trying to distract himself from something.

Regardless of the need for distraction, he still flashed Presea a friendly smile when she walked in.

"What can I do you for?" he asked helpfully.
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"That's me," said Hiccup genially. "As for forge space, you're welcome to share mine, or there's another one not far from here. Daja's old forge--she was an old crew member that got repodded. Depends on what you prefer in terms of tools and the forge itself. Mine's gas powered."
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"It's pretty complicated but it sort of channels the gas into the hearth to keep the fire going. It burns just like coal or wood, but much cleaner."

He adjusted the flame to show her how it could get larger or smaller.

"You have much better control over the temperature."
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"That's...actually a tough one," Hiccup said, looking somewhat perplexed. "On the one hand, I wouldn't say my work's all that great, but it is pretty solid and I learned a lot in a very short time from Daja. I've been working on my own for a while. So maybe, I guess? I'm certainly no master blacksmith though and I'd love to learn anything I can from you--and teach anything I can, too. I've learned a lot from Daja and a lot from books on metallurgy and blacksmithing in the media library. You should see how far it's come on some worlds."
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Sorry for the wait! Crazy weekend.

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"I'd say it smells like home to me, but there's not enough Eau de Sweaty Viking. The blacksmith I was apprenticed under was pretty distinctive, in personality and smell."

Good ol' Gobber. He missed him. He hadn't given up hope he was in the pods and planned to talk his ear off if he was ever released.
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Applejack had planted herself by the river, all weariness and heavy-lidded. Shifting supplies around for the sake of the battle hadn't been an easy task at all, and now all she wanted was a little rest and relaxation.

She lifted her head as a shadow passed by, peering around the brim of her hat. "Looks like you're carrying an awful lot."
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"You sure?" Applejack asked. She wasn't feeling all that great herself, heavy bandaging on her leg considered, but she wouldn't let another person go on lifting heavy weights without at least a little talk.

"How'd you get saddled with so much by your lonesome, anyhow?"
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Applejack shifted to give the woman some room. Everypony could use a break once in a while! She looked up at her curiously.

"Yeah. I usually carry some heavy loads to. I've gotta be strong if I want the apples to fall. I just don't know how long it'll be before I can handle it again."

She made a valiant effort not to sound too heartbroken about that. "So the battle went all right for you?"
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"Sure am! Farmer of Sweet Apple Acres. I've been doing my best to try and bring some fruits and veggies to us all. It's slow going, though."

It was all right. Applejack understood. There were so many people lost, though not to death this time. It hurt to say goodbye to a friend, and even worse if they were never coming back.

"And you don't know where to look next?"
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"I'm not a born fighter either," Applejack agreed. She glanced down at her hooves. "I can pack in a walloping when I need to, but what I've got isn't too good against these critters. We need things called guns."

And a pony couldn't wield one, of course. So she needed another way to be useful...and it struck Applejack that Presea wanted one as well. "You could garden with me, if you wanted something to do.
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Presea happened to walk by the tavern just as Kang was finishing up repairing the tail portion of the dragon on the roof. The exterior had sustained minor damages during the rebellion that wouldn't take him more than a few hours, if that, to fix. He didn't bother using the ladder to get down, instead jumping off and extending his wings to land safely; it made the grapefruit-sized hole in the membrane of one of them very obvious. He noticed the woman almost immediately, and nodded at her, recognizing her from the armory. "Ma'am."
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"Sorry. I should have warned you before I jumped down," Kang folded his wings back into their customary position and held out his hand in greeting. "We didn't have time for introductions before. My name is Kang, and yes, it's mine. Until the owner wakes up, at least." His tone suggested that the owner was a very good friend.
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"You as well. There aren't many of us around that still use swords, it seems."

He blinked, and laughed, "I'm sure he will; it's the least I can do for someone that served me faithfully for so many years. He'd probably gut me if I didn't." Governor or no. Celdak took great pride in that tavern. "What's stopped you? If it's because you don't like alcohol, I do have other things to drink."
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Kang shrugged, "They have their advantages at times. Sometimes a blade isn't a practical option. Are you a weaponsmith?"

He smiled, looking up at the dragon that could barely be seen from his vantage point. "It was more of a treat for me, as well, back home. I was usually too busy with paperwork or my children to have much, if any, other free time." Of course, he'd made a point of spending as much of his free time as possible with the hatchlings.
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"I could help explain some of it for you, if you'd like. I've been here long enough to catch up on most of the technology." Kang also had the advantage of 21st century Earth military training, but he didn't feel like explaining how he got that at the moment.

"And the rest of the time?"
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"I remember when I first woke up and how it was all new and confusing. Besides, what kind of Councilor would I be if I didn't try to help where I could?" It'd be something else to keep Kang busy, too, and help blow off steam. Draconians were naturally somewhat more aggressive than humans; he could only go so long before he started getting antsy. "For a time, I taught a combat class with another crewmember. Now I just offer private lessons for anyone that's interested."

He smiled wryly. "Only to be thrust into an entirely new one."
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It was difficult for Fuu to believe that the rebellion had succeeded--they had overcome the Daligig, freed themselves from slavery, won the battle to decide their own course. It left an enormous question: now what?

Fuu walked the City as she pondered it. She wandered heedless of blind zones, now that Stacy's true persona had been freed, simply going wherever felt the best. Despite the damage, and knowing that it was only temporary, she felt quite peaceful at this moment.

When she spotted Presea near the Plant Temple, the half-contented look on her face became a bright smile. "Presea-san! Hello!" she called, waving.
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Fuu laughed in return; really it had been quite some time since she'd been cheerful enough to do so. But Presea made that easier. "It's the former," she said, reaching out to rest a hand on a moss-covered column.

"I was just wondering how things are going to change, now that we're the ones in control of the ship," she explained. "We've been under the orders of the Daligig for so long, it's hard to guess."
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Fuu laughed, cupping her cheek in one hand. "Perhaps you should suggest that on the ship's network! I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would help you think up even more interesting punishments." Even if that word had taken on a darker significance--the Daligig idea of punishment was not easily forgotten--it was hard not to smile at Presea's daydreams.

But she nodded, a bit more serious now. "But I feel the same way. Maybe now that the Daligig aren't with us, we'll be able to find more common ground--we'll need to, now that our actions aren't being dictated by them. What we do next will be up to us."
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Fuu listened with interest as she walked alongside Presea. She hadn't been in Cephiro for very long before waking up in the pod, at least not to her recollection. They'd had just enough time to meet everyone before being whisked away by the Mashin, and they had seemed in agreement enough--but of course, a catastrophe such as the one Cephiro had suffered would cause a lot of debate. Her face grew slightly warm at the mention of Ferio, and she would have asked about that, but for Presea's suggestion immediately after that.

Her face immediately went bright red. "What? Me? But--" She turned away to inspect an interesting blue flower. It seemed as though Presea wasn't joking at all, but her as a Councillor? "I'm still very young--well, Hiccup-san was a Councilor so I suppose it isn't that far fetched--" But that didn't mean that she ought to run, right? "The Council is elected, but I don't know when the next one will be... why do you think I should?"

Because the more she thought about it, the less alarming an idea it became. Or less completely alarming.
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Fuu thought of the current Councilors--Kang, Zetta, Simon, and Lash. They were interesting individuals to be sure, and from all indications they were good at their job, having basically conned the Daligig into giving them the keys to the ship. But the only one Fuu really thought of as friendly would have to be Simon.

There really was something to be said for authority being approachable ("approachable" here being a more diplomatic stand-in for "unlikely to be outright insulting"). Even if she felt she was a bit young to be considered authority, a Council position wasn't the same as a military rank. "Then I will consider putting my name in when they announce elections again."