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A good old fashioned bar fight

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Lately, most of Sirius’s days had ended the same way. Today was no exception. After roaming the City and taking down notes, he went to The Drunken Dragon to get plastered. It had worked well for him so far, at least in his opinion. He was even getting used to the drinks.

Sirius didn’t socialize very much. Oh, he talked to Kang and Nima some but usually he sat and drank in silence. To anyone who knew him, that would have been a red flag. The second red flag was his motorcycle, sitting largely unused in the Hangar. As for the third, that would come shortly.

Sirius, however, was oblivious to the impending destruction he was about to wreak. He sat at the bar. It would be nice to say that he was quietly nursing his drink. It would be more accurate to say he was downing it as quickly as possible.
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Which is why she on your table. On your table. Good luck trying to get her off of it, she's one of those weird plastic suction cups. She has a bottle of beer in her hand.

Fortunately for you, she's not naked this time, but she's still wearing a revealing red dress. She raises her bottle to Sirius.

"To our wonderful rebel, master of all opinions," she jibs.
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A gasp!

"How can you say that when I am toasting your honor! Really, now, being drunk doesn't suit you. Someone needs to cut you off."

Which is why she's taking your beer and drinking it for herself.
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In a show of agility, Crematia dodge his swipe.

"It was yours until I made it mine," she says, a delighted trill in her voice. "Besides, you drink anymore and you will trip while seating down."
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Crematia, for her credit, looks like she's mulling it over.

"Hmmm, nope," she says with a wink. Instead she pushes her own beer. "Take mine instead."
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She gives a smile made out of smoke, sulfur, fire, and everything else horrible and hellish.

The red dragon makes no reply. She just takes her unaccepted drink and turns, taking Sirius' drink with her.
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Crematia is the angel of fire and pain, but most of all she is the angel of magic. It does not come at any surprise to her that there are spell casters here, and that their magic possibly works differently than hers. Perhaps different incantations or maybe none at all. She is beyond curious on how magic works here and Sirius here does not disappoint her in his potential.

Shame that he is such a weakling.

She hears him speaking a strange word - clearly a spell - and knew she has a second, maybe less, to react.

A hushed prayer and she is gone.

Or is she? She appears behind the drunkard, but this time she caste herself the spell of haste, quickening her steps should she need her speed more than her magic.
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She wiggles her fingers at him, her way of saying hello.

"Seem a little slow there. Time for you to wake up a bit."

Another spell and there's a flash of light.