ruffntumblenut: (Hang on this is complicated)
Ruffnut Thorston ([personal profile] ruffntumblenut) wrote in [community profile] trans_92012-05-26 04:03 pm

I knew a guy named a rambalin' Bob, he used to steal gamble n' rob...

Being locked up did not suit Ruffnut. Not a bit. Sure she had agreed to be part of the initial rebellion but like so much of Ruffnut's life she didn't think it through. She hadn't considered that being locked up would take so much time.

She paced alot, and sometimes did some exercises, every now and then she'd get upset and start attacking the walls with her bare hands or her lightning attacks. It never did any good but it made her feel better.

At the moment she had her feet planted on a couple of the bars while her hands pulled on the two bars between her feet. Perfectly horizontal from the ground she strained and grunted and crackled with electricity before her sweaty palms made her slip and she launched herself across the cell to smash into the wall.

"Maybe I oughta get a hobby." She moaned sitting up and rubbing her face where she had landed.

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