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I knew a guy named a rambalin' Bob, he used to steal gamble n' rob...

Being locked up did not suit Ruffnut. Not a bit. Sure she had agreed to be part of the initial rebellion but like so much of Ruffnut's life she didn't think it through. She hadn't considered that being locked up would take so much time.

She paced alot, and sometimes did some exercises, every now and then she'd get upset and start attacking the walls with her bare hands or her lightning attacks. It never did any good but it made her feel better.

At the moment she had her feet planted on a couple of the bars while her hands pulled on the two bars between her feet. Perfectly horizontal from the ground she strained and grunted and crackled with electricity before her sweaty palms made her slip and she launched herself across the cell to smash into the wall.

"Maybe I oughta get a hobby." She moaned sitting up and rubbing her face where she had landed.
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"That sounds like a good idea."

There was Mindy, staring, her arms crossed. Did she feel bad about having to be the one who had to catch Ruff in the first place? Yes. Did she show it? Of course not. They had to maintain that this was meant to happen, and since nobody knew that Hit Girl and Mindy were the same person, they had to act different.

"Made you some food," she said, looking serious. "You all right?"
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Whoa, sarcasm? Used well? There were new discoveries happening everyday, apparently!

Apparently, this was something that made Mindy laugh, though. "Leave the waiter shit to me, Ruffnut. I'll just have to manage to continue to clean the castle without you."

She smirked. "Miss ya, Ruff. I think even the ghosts are pouting. Must be why they tried to shove me down the stairs a few times today. Don;t think their heart was even in it, you ask me."
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Mindy frowned, then lowered her voice. "You DO remember that when I caught you I did it as Hit Girl, remember?"

Oh really, who the hell was watching?

"Anyway, its not my fault that Hit Girl was better than you," she said haughtily, though she did motion to her right leg, which was actually cut up pretty deeply from the skirmish. "Looks like you'll be the latest scar, Ruff."
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She saw that eye roll Ruffnut, and gives you a look of death. They would definitely be talking about THAT later.

"Lucky my ass," she said. "Anyone who saw you at the tournament or saw you fight in general knows how good you are. Either you're selling yourself short or her, and either one is a lie."

She gave Ruff an appraising look and muttered, "You wish."
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"And a nutjob, don't forget that," Mindy said, winking. "Far as I know, you're being kept in here as a matter of course. Once the Daligig are satisfied we'll deal with you accordingly, you'll be told when you get to leave."

In other words, once the Daligig left, they were gonna be free to go, hopefully.

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"What happened to knitting?" Hana walked through the door and went straight up to the bars. He grinned and raised his hand in greeting. "Yo."
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"Not much, you know, the usual; running around, training, stretching my legs, going where I want." He teased her, flaunting his freedom.
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"Yeh, right, like that'll ever happen. I;m nto the one who got beaten up and thrown in jail!" Then he did one of the most mature things ever, sticking his tongue out and wiggling his fingers at her.
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Hana stopped and pulled a totally blank expression at Ruffnut's falter before raising an eyebrow and shaking his head. "Dude, are you serious?"

Though it didn't seem to be Ruffnut's declaration he was questioning. "Come on, man."

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"Are there any indoor hobbies that you're capable of sitting still long enough for?" said a good natured and very familiar voice from a nearby cell.
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"Well, it's indoors and an activity. Not sure how much it counts on the hobby front," Hiccup said cheerfully.
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"While the idea is tempting, I'll grant you, I wound up stuck here because I had Toothless tackling Kessek during the rebellion. He got away to hide but they knew I told him to do it. So here I am."

It was one of the few things that had gotten him away from holding himself up in his room or forge in a while.
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It sounded suspiciously like a lie.

What he said next made it clear that it was one.

"Astrid's gone. She hasn't been off practicing or anything, she's... I haven't asked yet if it's that crazy AI or repodding yet. I'm not sure I wanna know."

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