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Task force [Open] Sign ups bendy timed before fauxbellion

Once the call had gone out after his initial announcement 'Vadum had set himself to assessing the current stock of weapons, armour and vehicles available to them. They had access to the GIA armoury so they had little shortage of the plasma weapons they utilized, he had managed to procure a number of crates of assorted weapons, now currently stored in the Quarter.

That done, he'd made his way to one of the many sensoriums, the simulation of a fairly typical human constructed base and training field off to one side, including a firing range for those who needed to test their aim, an obstacle course for those who wished to test their agility as well as many other such structures that could be utilized to test the abilities of those who wished to sign on. The whole installation ringed by a clearing which then expanded out into forested hills. Filling a measure of this clearing to one side sat a number of vehicles of all sorts from those familiar to the Sangheili commander to others he had only observed in passing.

Off to one side near the firing range a table arrayed with all manner of weapons, both ranged and close combat weapons sat waiting to be test and used on the range. It was here that the Sangheili Commander waited.


[OOC: Sorry to everyone for the lateness of this, have been eaten up by Uni lately, nearly to the end of semester though, so I should have time very soon.

As to the workings of this, I'll have two main those wishing to play through the sign up process are welcome to, characters in the infantry regiment can have either 'Vadum or Roger Maxson for their sign up. Those who don't wish to play out the process are more than welcome to hand-wave it.

The second subthread will be primarly a mingling part for those who wish it. Squad listings can be found here.

The third subthread will be a non-bendytimed training thread for those who wish it.]
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Re: SIGN UPS--decided I'd do one after all.

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The red haired human stepped into the room. Her eyes briefly went to the weapons, recognizing some.

"Commander Shepard reporting for duty." She paused amoment. "I know the rank's meaningless here, but it felt right."
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Re: SIGN UPS--decided I'd do one after all.

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"It's at least a heads-up as to what we can expect," said the fiftyish human, who was settled at the same table as 'Vadum. "And I can't really say 'High Elder' or 'Brotherhood of Steel' means a whole lot here, either, so we're in the same boat. I'm Roger Maxson. Good to see you, Commander."
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Re: SIGN UPS--decided I'd do one after all.

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She nods. "Glad you understand, sir. I might not recognize those terms, but it sounds ranking, and you look like you've got experience. Glad to see that."

A pause, then she runs her fingers through a set of orange holograms that appear around her left wrist. "I've got a copy of my record, here, if you want. It's a bit out-dated, though my most recent work wasn't exactly official business anyway. At least it doesn't say I'm dead anymore."
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Holy *cow* am I sorry I'm late. Martial arts class got rescheduled.

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"Wouldn't expect you to. Neither of 'em would exist if it weren't for the nuclear apocalypse my world was subjected to twenty years ago," says Roger. "I was US Army before that. Been in charge of what's left ever since."

The holograms get an interested look. "I wouldn't mind seeing it," he says. "The dead part- bureaucratic error, or were you listed as KIA and only just got back to correct the reports?"
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Re: Holy *cow* am I sorry I'm late. Martial arts class got rescheduled.

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Shepard winces. "Ah. That's... harsh. My sympathies."

"Right, I think I worked out the compatibility bugs, so I can transfer right over. As for that detail, well..."

"I was dead."
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There's a few moments of silence.


"You'll forgive my saying so, but somehow I always pictured the Second Coming a little differently."
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She laughs. "No offense taken. I'm pretty sure I'm not the messiah." Though, it pretty much is her job to save everyone. Best not to think on that too hard, or it'll get to her head. "Just a woman with way too much money poured into her."
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Roger nods. It's not as if he hasn't seen cyberdogs and heard of Robobrains. Maybe some bright light in some other universe cloned up a whole body around a brain they wanted to keep. Who knows. "Well," he says, "it certainly looks like it was effectively spent. When did that happen, can I ask?"
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"About, er, three years ago, from my viewpoint. I have no idea how long in absolute time. If that even applies." She is no theoretical physicist, but she's read a bit. "Been back around close to a year."
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The paladin wandered in without seeming to have any purpose, looking around curiously at the imagined environment. The sight of new weapons, though, immediately drew his eye.
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"I'm a melee fighter by training," Mar said, indicating the close-combat weapons. "Though it's a little funny that weapons have advanced so much and shields so little..."
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(OOC: When does this take place in regards to ITA and Mother Knows Best?)
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Having fought down some Android thing, and then having gotten his ass kicked by a little girl, Cole figured that it would be in his best interest to figure out what everyone on the ship was capable of.

"So, this where I sign up?"

Maybe he'd run into a familiar face or two.
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You could say that, yeah.

"Sure is," says Maxson, who's going over the inner workings of a ridiculously large hammer with an unwarranted amount of technical equipment built into its head. (Seriously, the thing's almost as long as he is tall.) "Haven't seen you in a while."
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"Been busy."

And the running gag stops here.

Cole gave a low whistle upon seeing the hammer (OOC: Visual image?)

"Impressive." Probably could give the Amp a run for the money.
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(OOC: This, basically.)

"It does the job," said Roger. "I don't generally feel right about going into the field without something for close-in work along with the laser weaponry. How can I help you?"
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(OOC: Just started playing New Vegas a few weeks ago. Any chance Cole could get Brotherhood Power armor somehow?)

Cole could attest to that. The Amp Zeke built him had certainly allowed him to do a lot more physical damage in New Marais than just punching the crap out some of the gang members of Empire City.

"Depends, what can I do to help out?"
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Shepard tapped at her omnitool. It would be good working with Williams again. She didn't know her the others; hopefully they'd prove competent, or better.

Always good to know who you'd be working with. She needed to meet her fellow leaders, too.

So much to do. That, at least, felt familiar.
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OOC: Have they met/talked during Mother Knows Best or the sign-ups??

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"Nice" Yeah that was the stupidest sounding thing he'd said in a while.

Still it may have gotten a conversation started.
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